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Amber Portwood: I’ve Got a Mental Illness, Okay?!?


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Amber Portwood doesn’t always come across as the most stable individual on social media.

She can get very emotional very easily and she can curse a lot and she can just rant and rave to a rather disturbing degree; most recently, for example, trashing all the stupid f-cks out there who dare to judge her.

But there may be a reason for this occasional behavior.

And Amber came right out and owned up to it on Teen Mom OG this week.

The latest installment of this MTV reality show focused once again on Portwood’s troubled relationship with her 12-year old daughter, Leah.

The almost-teenager has been complaining all season long about how her mother has abandoned her over the years — either for men or rehab or because Amber spent actual time in jail.

Amber has tried on occasion to spend quality time with her oldest kid.

But it hasn’t gone well.

On Tuesday, however, Leah’s dad and Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, at last agreed to see a¬†psychiatrist with Portwood, making a real attempt in the process to repair his fractured, unusual family.

What caused Shirley to arrive at this decision?

“I feel as though things went down a certain way and we’re all getting past them, we’re all doing our best to move forward and be adults.

“I figure if I can at least do my part, understand what you’re going through as far as your mental state of mind,” he began… only for Amber to cut her former lover off.

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“Mental illnesses,” she insisted.

Indeed, the veteran star has been open in the past about her diagnoses of Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorder.

She deserves credit for discussing them in public in such a manner.

“I have the top major mental illnesses, I take medicine. That’s something you’ll understand too,” she told Gary on the episode.

Taking viewers behind the scenes a bit, Portwood continued:

“I try my best to get off this couch, do school, make As and Bs and try to have a relationship with Leah and it’s hard but I’ve accepted it.

“What I haven’t been able to accept is, my medication, no matter what and no matter how much I take of it, will never fully keep me like you.

“I think this is a good thing, I really do.”

After Shirley left her house, Portwood spoke to a Teen Mom producer about what she hopes Shirley gets out of their therapy session together.

“I think he might be shocked a little bit about things he didn’t know,” she said.

“I hope that when he goes in and everything’s explained to him, it’s not exactly a shock but it’s more educational and he’ll hopefully treat me a little differently.

“It is my sanctuary, but I’m happy that he’s finally open to it.”

Amber added that she hopes Leah will be “more open to” to speaking to a professional along her side as well, now that her dad will be doing so.

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“We’ll see in the end what’s gonna happen,” she said.

The episode wrapped up with the Amber and Gary of them walking inside the psychiatrist’s office.

Good for them, right?

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