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Anna Duggar Won’t Stop Video Calling Josh After In-Person Visit Ban


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Last year, we shared how disgraced former reality star Josh Duggar was still receiving visits from Anna.

His conviction for receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material should have driven her to divorce Josh.

The jail where Josh is being held has banned in-person visitation in light of the still-worsening pandemic.

That has not slowed Anna down, as she continues to contact him multiple times per day.

Most of us do not want to look at, speak to, or otherwise lend any comfort whatsoever to someone who gets off to the sexual abuse of little girls.

Josh followed up his teenage molestation crimes by seeking out photos and video of even more depraved and ruinous sex crimes.

Anna Duggar was raised in the same cult that enabled Josh the first time. She can no longer enable him, but she refuses to abandon him.

Josh could be facing a potential sentence of as long as 20 years behind bars.

Unfortunately, he is more likely to serve only a decade in prison — if that — when he is sentenced in the coming months.

Anna is making sure that these moments in jail are as easy as possible, contacting him via video calls and email.

Anna will not be permitted to see Josh in person until he appears in court for sentencing.

That hearing, expected to go down in April, has not been formally scheduled.

It is possible that it could be further delayed, depending upon factors like the pandemic.

Previously, visitors at Josh’s detention center were able to stop by in person.

With COVID-19 worsening, those visits are now prohibited.

The electronic communication is referred to as remote video visitation, and Anna is making constant use of the function.

This is not an inexpensive undertaking, and we are not just speaking about Anna’s time as a now-single mom of seven children.

Our nation’s prison system notoriously siphons money from the families of the incarcerated by making them pay to contact their loved ones.

Not even the pandemic has changed this, with these remote video conversations costing $0.25 per minute.

A 30-minute conversation between Anna and Josh costs $7.50, and that is just for one mid-length call.

Unlike many families of the incarcerated, the Duggars are relatively loaded and can afford it.

While there are a lot of questions about Anna and her financial future, a few dozen dollars a week on prison phone calls are probably within her budget.

Reports say that Josh has been in protective custody — that is, solitary confinement — since he was hauled off to jail about a month ago.

The reason is that he is both famous and his crimes relate to the horrific sexual abuse of children.

The odds of him becoming a target from fellow inmates were high, and the bureau of prisons didn’t want him shivved before sentencing.

Most people in Anna’s shoes would have declined to marry him when they learned that he was already such a prolific sexual predator.

In the cult to which Anna’s and Josh’s families belong, however, all sexual “indiscretions” are more or less regarded as equal.

Bizarrely, Josh molesting five little girls was seen as comparable to masturbation — strictly banned, but curable with public shaming and intense prayer.

It appears that all of the scandals over the years have only caused Anna to double down on her commitment to Josh.

At this point, it looks like even IBLP’s unhinged guidelines would allow Anna to divorce Josh, as “sexual immorality” is their only exception to the ban on divorce.

But Anna seems committed to Josh to the point of lunacy. Many pity her for a lifetime of brainwashing. Others are more concerned about her seven children.

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