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Angelina Pivarnick: My Marriage is a $hit Show! We Never Get It On!


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On Thursday night’s returrn of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was nowhere to be found.

The star’s future on this show is very much up in the air after Ronnie was arrested a few months ago (again) on a charge of domestic violence.

But Ronnie wasn’t the only thing absent on this brand new episode of the reality series:

Angelina Pivarnick’s admitted that she can no longer find the spark in her marriage.

“The fights have between my husband and I have been getting worse,” Pivarnick confessed on air, adding of husband Chris Larangeria:

“Chris just wants to sit stagnant, he doesn’t even really want to go to therapy.

“It just seems like Chris would sit there in limbo as long as he can.

“He’s not even trying to fix anything or mend anything. Something’s gotta give here, I can’t live like this.”

Angelina Pivarnick

Back in June, Angelina was accused of cheating on her spouse; while insiders have also alleged infidelity against Larangeria.

Last summer, Pivarnick even got her hands on a marital settlement agreement from her attorney, a standard move before someone files for divorce.

It doesn’t appear as if she’s taken this official step just yet, however.

Based on what Angelina said on MTV last night, though, a legal split may soon be announced. 

“God forbid if our therapy doesn’t work, I want to be protected and he also has to be protected as well,” Angelina explained of drawing up the aforementioned papers.

“I have to make sure I cross my Ts and dot my Is for the future, because you never know what’s going to happen.”

Pivarnick was at such a loss that she turned to frequent foe Jenni “JWoww” Farley for advice.

You’re not getting a divorce, right?” asked JWoww after learning about the documents.

“This, to me, is a divorce. What about him makes you stay? I need 5 good things about Chris that makes you want to stay with him.”

Jenni, of course, divorced Roger Mathews in 2018. She has some experience in this area.

Pivarnick, meanwhile, didn’t come close to naming these five good things, going in the opposite direction instead.

On the important topics of communication and sex, she toldd JWoww “those two things are non-existent.”

As far as positives with Chris go, she said he was good with animals, did laundry and doesn’t judge her … 75% of the time.

“It’s just been a s— show,” Angelina concluded.

At one point on the episode, Angelina went to her lawyer’s office.

“It’s very hard to think about what I’m gonna do. I’m at like the crossroads of my life. I don’t know which way to go,” she said.

“I just want to feel that love feeling, I don’t have that anymore. He doesn’t think he needs to change anything. He says it’s all me. I think I have faults, but I can admit them.

“He doesn’t admit any of them.”

At another point, Pivarnick detailed how she once called Chris amid a “nervous breakdown,” and he proceeded to make the incident all about himself.

“My heart goes back and forth. It’s really hard for me, considering I did take my vows, it’s hard for me to leave someone, let alone a marriage,” said Angelina.

“Regret’s a big thing for me. I don’t want to say I regret a decision I made. This is a big decision for me, if I’m going to stay or leave my marriage.

“But a lot of shit’s gotta change.”

For the record, we’re not certain when this episode was filmed.

But last we heard about Pivarnick? In real time?

She had moved into her own place.

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