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Anna Duggar: You Never Know, I May Still Divorce Josh!


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Will she? Won’t she?

And also: What the heck is she thinking these days?!?

Amid Anna Duggar’s ongoing silence in the wake of her husband’s conviction on child sex abuse charges, various anonymous sources continue to try and fill the void.

In some cases, these insiders claim that Anna is standing directly by her disgusting husband and is angry at her in-laws for not doing the same.

In a new report, however?

In Touch Weekly allleges that Anna is struggling — and that divorce may not even be out of the question.

Anna “still not certain about her future” with Josh, according to this shocking tabloid claim.

“She’s doing everything she possibly can to make sense of this living nightmare.”

Josh, of course, confessed in 2015 to molesting young girls when he was a teenager, including two of his own sisters.

He admitted that same year to cheating on Anna with random women he met online, even saying in a subsequent statement that he had a p0rnography addiction.

It’s all gross and unethical and dirty and awful… but it’s not all that challenging to make sense of this living nightmare.

There’s been a pattern to Josh’s behavior for decades.

The mother of seven “still loves” Josh, In Touch continues, writing on Wednesday:

“His actions have forced [Anna] to look at him as a fallen man who lost his way…

“She’s leaning on her faith and is certain that it will work out the way it’s supposed to.”

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While she prays and hopes for the best, Anna has been visiting Josh in jail; on a virtual basis, that is. No visitors are allowed inside the detention center where Josh is being held.

According to official records, no one else related to Josh has visited him in this manner while he’s behind bars.

Nearly all of Duggar’s siblings have issued statement in the month since his guilty verdict came in, some of which were especially harsh.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo, for example, has said she was “thankful to God for exposing Josh’s actions” and “fears for his soul,” calling him a “hypocrite” who brought “dishonor upon Christ’s name.”

The conviction has allegedly torn these Duggars apart.

“Josh’s troubles may have splintered the family into taking sides,” the In Touch insider says.

“But there’s one person who the majority of them continue to support — that’s Anna.”

As The Hollywood Gossip previously stated, Anna wasn’t present at Jim Bob and Michelle’s holiday party late last month, but it’s unclear whether she wasn’t invited or whether she chose to stay away.

“She does talk to Michelle and some of her sisters-in-laws,” adds this new report. “She’s been spending more time with her family.”

Anna and Josh got married in September 2008 and share seven children: Mackynzie, 12, Michael, 10, Marcus, 8, Meredith, 6, Mason, 4, Maryella, 2, and 2-month-old Madyson.

The latter will be sentenced in March or April and is expected to be sent to jail for a minimum of 10 years.

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It may be for as long as 40 years, however.

In the meantime?

Anna will be left to raise her kids on her own… and to be someone shunned all around rural Arkansas.

“The Duggar name is like wearing a scarlet letter though town, it’s not a good thing,” says a second In Touch source, concluding:

“That’s why Anna is taking this time to pray and focus on her children.”


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