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Best Bookshelf Speakers under 500


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Best Bookshelf Speakers under 500

Bookshelf speakers can be very adaptable. They can function as stereo speakers to go with your turntable or incorporated on the same channel in an audio-visual setup in your home with left-right and rear surrounds. They can be placed on your desk to act as monitors for your laptop or are placed in your living room to play music in the background or even change their settings throughout their lives. Bookshelf speakers deliver great audio quality in a compact box.

Sincerely Audio has spent the time looking through the vast array of bookshelf speaker options today , and narrowed the selection down to the most effective options available.

Best Overall 

The Best All-Over

Q Acoustics 3020i

Built to give stunningly precise sound, the 3020i by Q Acoustics accomplishes this by using high-end components constructed with high-quality materials, as well as creative ideas. As they are not powered or passive the speaker requires an external amplifier required to provide power to these speakers. They can be used for anything starting from the home theatre, to the final component in the perfect turntable setup.

Internally , the 3020i features point-to point bracing that adds rigidity to make the enclosures more quiet. Its .9″ tweeter has been isolated from the baffle in front with suspension systems that shield the tweeter from any unwanted interference from five” woofer.

The 3020i’s design has an elegant look thanks to its simplicity , with smooth edges and delicate metal trimmings and is available in four different finishes: Arctic White, Carbon Black, English Walnut, and Graphite Grey. There are also magnet grills, if you want more of a clean look, port plugs made of foam to adjust the low-end as well as the option of a pair of gloves to handle. This speaker from Q Acoustics is a stunning speaker that has a clear, transparent sound, exceptional quality of construction, and stylish design.

This speaker is for:

Anyone looking for a top audio system to play their turntable, or the beginning of a home theater.

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The Speaker is not for:

Anyone looking for a bookshelf speaker with an integrated amplifier.

Most Versatile


The Ai60 by Fluance is a powerful, high-performance speaker with the ability to be awe-inspiring no matter what you use it whether you’re spinning records on a turntable, gaming on a laptop or watching your favourite movie or streaming music from an Bluetooth device.

Fluance’s desire for superior audio means that the Ai60 is made of only the finest components, including 1-” silk dome tweeters 6.5″ glass fibre Woofers that are woven, and an amplifier of 100W class D. The entire system works to provide incredible bass, balanced highs and a full bass.

The Ai60 provides plenty of options to connect your devices , including Bluetooth, RCA, optical and a USB connection for PC as well as Mac. An easy sub output can be located on the rear of the panel, allowing you to connect a subwoofer whenever you require additional bass. On the front, you’ll have a knob for control which lets you alter the volume or choose inputs in case you don’t have a remote.

Available in a range of finishes, from lighter lucky bamboo to the darker black ash, Ai60 lets you choose the best look that matches the space you have. No matter what you choose to do with these speakers they’ll fill your home with exceptional sound you’ll listen to for many the years to be.

This speaker is for:

A person who wants a speaker that can sound amazing playing everything from top-quality vinyl to computer games.

The Speaker Is Not for:

Someone who prefers not to have a speaker powered by electricity.


Klipsch RP-600M

There is no doubt about the distinctive appearance of Klipsch’s RP600M; it’s beautiful and attractive in all three colors. It’s more than just good design features however it is also a speaker that delivers great audio. The RP600M provides crystal-clear sound and a powerful bass that will please the listener.

In the middle of the design and sound is the 6.5″ spinning copper-cerametallic bass that is perfectly matched with an vented 1″ tweeter made of titanium. The tweeter is placed on Klipsch’s exclusive hybrid Tractrix Horn with the molded silicone face compressed to reduce horn resonance and more acoustic clarity. The port on the rear is designed to be tuned to the woofer’s port to ensure optimal airflow and minimize turbulence that can lead to distortion. Another top-of-the-line feature is its capability to be dual-amplified, which means with an additional amplifying option, you can run the tweeter and the woofer in separate ways to improve performance.

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The RP-600M is a blend of premium design and top audio.

The Speaker for:

A person who is a fan of the bold and striking style, as well as admires high-quality materials, just as they appreciate quality audio.

The Speaker Is Not for:

Someone who wishes the speakers of their system to be able blend in the background.

The Best Technology

Edifier S1000DB

Edifier was set to create a premium-sounding bookshelf speaker using the latest technology available. They achieved their goal in their quest with the S1000DB. With the most inputs among all the speakers in this list featuring a coaxial optical Bluetooth as well as two pairs of RCAs to choose the most suitable connection that is suitable for the device you are using. Wireless Bluetooth input is equipped with a sophisticated codec for audio called aptX. This means that not only will the streaming audio sound better than ever before, but also the issues with latency in older Bluetooth devices have been significantly reduced.

Its 5.5″ tweeter and the 1″ titanium tweeter run a 120W digital amplifier that provides an impressive, rich sound can be felt. On the back panel, you’ll find the master volume knob as well as the tone controls for bass as well as the treble. This allows you to tune the speaker to suit your surroundings.

The wood sides of the S1000DB an elegant look and a front LED indicates the input selected. With all the technology, that the speaker is bigger than normal, so you’ll need to ensure you have the space to enjoy the speakers.

The Speaker for:

If you are looking for a high-quality audio speaker that comes with many ways to connect to your devices.

The Speaker Is Not for:

Someone who has a small space.

The most powerful powered

Audioengine A5+

Audioengine has taken their popular A5 bookshelf speaker and revamped it to connect wirelessly for the creation of the A5+ but without sacrificing the sound quality.

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Custom 5″ aramid fiberwoofer provides full mids and deep lows, and it’s .75″ silk tweeter provides crisp soft, spacious highs. The A5+ features an Dual monolithic class AB amplifier as instead of the common class D amplifiers used in other powered speakers of this class. This allows for greater clarity to the audio as well as more warm sound.

With the A5+’s top Bluetooth aptX HD input, you are able to stream music on any of your Bluetooth-capable devices and still enjoy high-quality audio. If you prefer to keep it analog and not use the built-in RCA or 3.5mm inputs, you can utilize the built-in RCA as well as 3.5mm inputs. A RCA output can also be used to connect with a subwoofer. With its smooth edges The A5+ looks stunning and comes in white, black and bamboo finishes.

Modern conveniences are paired with premium audio components Audioengine’s flagship A5+ offers an unforgettable listening experience.

The Speaker for:

Anyone looking for a powerful speaker that can deliver incredible sound and features.

The Speaker Is Not for:

Someone who doesn’t want everything this speaker has got to provide.

Honorable Mention

ELAC Uni-fi UB5

The Uni-fi UB5 from ELAC is an audiophile bookshelf speaker which can extract every detail from your movies or music. In order to achieve this top quality of audio reproduction ELAC makes use of a true 3-way design that allows each element to be focused on its particular part in the spectrum of frequency.

The low frequencies are handled by an 5.25″ aluminium woofer and the higher frequencies are dealt with by one” soft dome tweeter that is placed inside a 4″ solid aluminum midrange cone. The placement of the tweeter in a concentric manner within the woofer creates a more rounded frequency response, with improved imaging. A lot of effort and thought was put into the design of this 3-way crossover made of high-end audio-grade components to ensure smooth transitions between the lows mids and highs.

The Uni-fi UB5 requires an external amplifier, but If you’re seeking a speaker with high-fidelity that is sounding great, it could be worthy to think about.

This speaker is for:

Someone who puts audio quality as the top priority on their priorities.

The Speaker Is Not for:

Someone who seeks to get more value from their speaker.


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