Home Entertainment Caleb Greenwood Confesses to Alina Kasha: I Can’t Commit to Dating a Little Person

Caleb Greenwood Confesses to Alina Kasha: I Can’t Commit to Dating a Little Person

Caleb Greenwood Confesses to Alina Kasha: I Can’t Commit to Dating a Little Person


If you watched the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days on Discovery Plus, you saw something odd.

Alina Kasha and Caleb Greenwood’s footage simply repeated from the week before, while everyone else had new material.

TLC viewers, on the other hand, saw the originally planned episode — including Caleb and Alina’s ongoing story.

That story took a dark turn as Caleb confessed that he’s simply not up for spending the rest of his life with a little person.

Alina Kasha was fired by TLC for a series of appalling racist posts, including the rampant use of the N-word.

While none of that twisted side of her made it onto screen, TLC vowed to purge Alina’s storyline from the show — an unprecedented extra step.

It now appears that they only did this on Discovery Plus, airing at least some new footage on TLC — and yes, we have a clip.

Again and again, Caleb has put off giving Alina a firm commitment on their future as a couple.

Thirteen years of (admittedly, on-again, off-again) friendship followed by an intense online romance is a lot, but is it enough?

On some versions of Season 5, Episode 9, Alina told Caleb that it was time to give her a straight answer about their future.

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha in bed (hesitation, anxiety)

“I feel like I’ve been very patient with Caleb so far,” Alina expressed to the cameras.

“I’ve always heard this, ‘I need more time, not too soon,’ and I respected it,” she noted.

“But now, it’s not gonna work — this excuse — anymore,” Alina affirmed just two days before time to leave Turkey.

“It’s not something I’m against,” Caleb said about committing to being exclusive.

“I wish this wasn’t being put to the question right now, because I feel like this is being forced on me,” he admitted.

“But,” Caleb said, “if it’s a on-the-spot answer, then… It’s not that simple, Alina.”

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha get soaped up at a Turkish bath

“If we could make this trip another week or two, I might be able to say yes,” Caleb suggested.

“If you were in America with me, I could maybe say yes,” he added. “It’s out of respect for you that I’m taking my time.”

Then, Caleb noted: “You have needs that need to be met.”

Alina Kasha worries that her secret is being used as an excuse

“You need someone who can pay you attention and help you in those ways,” Caleb said of her disability.

“I don’t want to take that lightly,” he stressed. “So one big reason I’m taking time is to make sure I can be the person who can do that.”

Caleb stated: “I think you deserve someone who can do everything you need in terms of being your aide.”

Alina Kasha has dinner with Caleb Greenwood and her friend Maria

“I am trying to get what I want, which is you, in the proper way,” Caleb said. “That’s why I’m saying give me more time.”

“But, that isn’t apparently what can happen here, because you need to leave with an answer,” he acknowledged.

“And if that’s what you need, I respect that, but this is what I need. I need more time,” Caleb stressed. “And it hurts me. I feel like we have so much here that I wish you could wait.”

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha discuss the logistics of boning

“I think when a guy’s in love, he just goes and gets what he wants,” Alina countered.

“I just can’t go back and everything is back to normal, how it was before. I can’t handle this,” she expressed.

“I think I stated it clearly — yes or no. … I don’t think you love me. You don’t love me. You’re not even in love with me,” Alina lamented.

Alina Kasha isn't worried or offended by Elijah's questions

“I’m not asking Caleb to marry me, or to move to Russia immediately,” Alina reasoned to the cameras.

“But, it kind of hurts that he doesn’t know by now. Does he want to be with me or not?” she expressed.

“I know I want be with him,” Alina affirmed. “And I just really feel played.”

Alina Kasha works out, makes out with Caleb Greenwood

The next day, Caleb confessed: “I really like you, but I’m not used to dating little people.”

“I told everyone it’d be no big deal that we were different, but the reality is there were challenges there for me,” he admitted.

“I’m a bachelor, I’m very independent. I’m used to doing me,” Caleb explained. “So it scares me a little bit to imagine being with you long-term.”

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha wake up the morning after

Alina was hurt. “I don’t understand. When you love someone, it shouldn’t be so hard to help or whatever. It just becomes a part of your daily life, no?”

Caleb tried to explain:  “I just don’t know if the life I want for myself is one of helping someone so much.”

Putting the brutal in brutally honest, he added: “Because my life has been so different than that.”

Caleb Greenwood helps Alina Kasha visit a mosque, learns how to wheelchair

This was confirmation of Alina’s worst fears.

“I understand it might be scary, but I’m kind of tired of that, of people being scared to be with me because I require, like, help or whatever,” she expressed.

“But this is the first reason, always,” Alina lamented. “And I thought you were different.”

Caleb Greenwood shirtlessly smooches Alina Kasha

Caleb admitted: “I thought I was, I didn’t think this would be a problem.”

He continued: “But the reality is this is a struggle I’m facing. But I don’t know what to say beyond that.”

The two shared a hug and prepared to say their goodbyes as they both leave Turkey. Wow.


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