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Clare Crawley Continues to Drag Dale Moss: He Knows What He Did!


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The gloves have come off for Clare Crawley.

Actually, who are we kidding?

This former Bachelorette lead took her gloves off a long time ago when it comes to ex-fiance Dale Moss.

About a month after Crawley and Moss split for the second and, we presume, final time… Clare was a guest this week on Jana Kramer’s “Whine Down” podcast.

The former ABC personality didn’t delve into specifics when it came to the end of her romance, refusing, for example, to comment on rumors of Dale as a cheater.

But Clare did make it evident — over and over and then over again — that she wasn’t happy with the way Moss handled the pair’s split.

(Clare and Dale got engaged after just a few weeks of dating on The Bachelorette in late 2020, only to go their separate ways in early 2021 and then reconcile for a few months.)

“At this very moment, I’m okay. Things are up and down for me just in general in my life. Sometimes it’s minute to minute,” Crawley told Kramer.

“[But] right now, I’m okay. And I feel like I’m okay because I’m sitting with a woman that understands my life.

“We’ve had similar paths with a lot of things and it’s comforting.”

Throughout a bulk of her relationship with Moss, Crawley gushed to anyone who would listen that their love was real; that they were gonna get married; and that she couldn’t wait to start a family.


“I always feel like I do not want to have regrets and I don’t even know if I would have done things differently because I was doing the best I could at the time with the information that I had,” she continued on the podcast.

“And if my biggest regret is trusting the process, trusting a man’s words and who he showed me he was, I don’t think that that’s a regret.

“I trusted somebody.

“I believed somebody that they were who that they said they were [and] that they would hold up to the promises that they make when they get down on one knee.”

Vague. But harsh.

For his part, Moss recently tried to hurl shade in Crawley’s direction.

He said he attempted to be there for Clare amid the struggle of her mom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, only for Crawley to ghost him.

Dale “wishes Clare nothing but the best, and he is keeping her and her family in his thoughts and prayers,” said a spokesperson for the reality star in early October.

During her discussion with Kramer, Crawley suggested she loved Moss more than he loved her.

“We want somebody to love us how hard we love them and when it’s not reciprocated or it’s not done to that level or in that way, it’s hard to process that,” the hairstylist said.

“It’s hurtful, especially when they’re saying one thing and doing another. That especially stings extra because it’s like, ‘Ugh how could you do that to somebody you love?’

“It’s hard to comprehend things like that.”

Crawley went on to say she has always loved “hard,” and the feelings in this case just weren’t reciprocated.

“I loved and have always had such a deep love for Dale,” she said. “And that A) doesn’t go away overnight and B) I don’t regret that, like, I’ve loved loving him.”

There were “walls” built up around Moss, Clare continued, along with “a guardedness and a distrust.

Crawley also said she isn’t a fan of how much Dale cares about his public image and/or persona.

“It’s very impersonal to be putting out statements and articles and this and that and ‘your side of the story.’ I think you both know the truth. I know the truth, he knows the truth,” she said.

“When you know the truth and you know where your heart is, like, I don’t need a publicist speaking my side of the story. …

“Even if I have receipts and proof and everything I need to show that I could do to really put it out there, I think it just seems icky.”

Crawley grew emotional when she touched on things being over for good.

“It’s the deep pain of — this is the one that gets me — how do you say goodbye to somebody you never wanted to walk away from?” she asked.

“I would have never walked. It was the opposite, like, you’re having to say goodbye to somebody you don’t want to be saying goodbye to.

“You have to walk away from somebody you don’t want to walk away from.

“It’s hard, it’s painful.”

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