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Crystal Healing – Surprising Facts That Very Few Knows


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What is energy healing? It is an ancient practice used to remove blockages from the body’s subtle energy system. When these energy blocks are removed, the healing ability of your body gets stimulated again. 

Energy healing is further divided into various techniques and therapies like music therapy, therapeutic touch, reiki, etc. This information is very popular, and almost everyone knows that. 

Let’s talk about something that very few people know. Where are some surprising facts about crystal healing therapy:

Energy Healing Thousands Of Years Old

Do you think that crystal healing is something that has been in trend for quite a while? You are wrong my friend. Crystal healing isn’t new but it’s 1000s of years old. Reiki is one of the Japanese traditions of energy healing.

And you will be surprised to know that it dates back to the early 20th century. There are very less energetic healing courses online which will describe all the seven chakras of energy transmission. But it’s a very important topic that you should definitely know about if you want to pursue your career as a healer. Ancient cultures have been using different modalities for stimulating the natural healing ability of the human body for years. 

Acupuncture, a very popular pain reliever, was discovered by Chinese practitioner with the help of Meridians which are the energy superhighways of the body. And meridian was first described in the ancient texts of Hindu. This clearly proves that energy healing is a heritage that has been carried out from generation to generation

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Energy Healing Has A Foundation Of Scientific Principles

We all have learnt that basic principle in our physics class – everything or every matter is made up of lots of small molecules. Whether something is as big as Burj khalifa or as small as sand particles, everything is vibrating all the time. In fact we humans too are continuously vibrating. 

When you say that person in my building has a really “good vibe”. What you are actually talking about is the vibrational energy of that person. And good and Happy people vibrate on a higher frequency compared to the sad ones.

Places also have vibes. When you walk into a room where a fight has recently occurred, you might feel dense energy that will force you to leave that room. All of these vibes, human vibration, molecules are topics of science. This clearly proves that energy healing is based on scientific principles. 

And we are sure no healer can deny that fact.  So, if you want to start any energy healing program like learning about crystals, you must first find someone who can make you understand the scientific principle behind that therapy. You can buy a good crystal healing course and start your education at your convenience. 

Final Words

Today you have learnt some really good and special information about energy healing. Most of these things were unknown to you. The things that you have learnt today will help you in your spiritual healing courses online. You can pursue your course in a more efficient way because of the things you learn today.

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