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Did Biniyam Shibre Cheat on Ariela Weinberg While Their Baby Had Surgery?


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Things took a downward turn for Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre’s relationship on this weekend’s episode.

Ariela confronted her fiance about his partying and other bad behaviors during her absence.

She didn’t just stand up for herself, she actually accused Bini of cheating on her.

Is she right?

Ariela Weinberg takes baby Avi to surgery

On Season 3, Episode 10, Ariela Weinberg took Avi in for surgery.

She hadn’t been able to do so as early as she had hoped, but the appointed day arrived.

She and Janice drove him there before dawn to get much needed surgery for an intestinal hernia.

Ariela Weinberg - the last I saw Avi, he was smiling

At the hospital, Ariela seemed in good spirits after handing off Avi to the hospital staff.

Surgery on a baby is always serious, especially when it comes to anesthesia.

But despite her mother’s concerns, Ariela remained calm.

Janice Weinberg worries that Ariela will have a panic attack

Janice feared that Ariela would have another panic attack, like she did on the day of Avi’s circumcision in Ethiopia.

But that day, Ariela was succumbing to pressure from Bini and from her own family to irreversibly alter her child’s genitals even though she knew better.

This time, she’s giving him helpful, necessary surgery that will improve his life for the better. So it’s the opposite of the previous experience.

Ariela Weinberg holds baby Avi after surgery

Fortunately, baby Avi pulled through his hernia surgery just fine, and was precious and affectionate the next day.

It’s good that 90 Day Fiance‘s editors didn’t try to play this up as they have been known to do when the cast goes in for surgeries.

The last thing that we need is a cliffhanger over a baby’s health, even if we already know that he’s okay.

Kristin Weinberg reminds Ariela that healthcare is so important for kids

This of course proved to be a great time for Kristin to once again be the voice of reason.

She knows that Ariela loves traveling the world and has bent over backwards to please Biniyam.

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But it’s time to get real about motherhood and make sure that Bini’s healthcare, education, and environment are the best that she can provide.

Janice Weinberg has seen the other side of Biniyam now

Speaking to the camera, Janice revealed that she had seen a different side to her daughter’s relationship in recent weeks.

With her, Biniyam had always been polite and conciliatory and largely respectful of her daughter as his partner and as the mother of his child.

With Ariela with her at home, she had seen the hours that Biniyam kept, the extended periods of time when he’d have his phone off, and more.

Ariela Weinberg talks about a move to Kenya, cutting out toxic influences

With all of that in mind, Janice got Ariela to promise that all of their healthcare needs, at least, would be met here at home.

But she wanted Ariela to seriously think about setting the long-term goal of living there, close to home, with Avi and Bini.

Ariela agreed that Biniyam has some toxic influences in his life, but suggested a move to Kenya instead.

Biniyam Shibre explains he keeps turning off his phone due to

However, speaking to Biniyam at a visibly later date, Ariela was in a much less happy mood.

He had been out partying, turning their house into a social hub — including strangers she’d never met, including random girls.

Biniyam had also been turning off his phone, despite multiple promises that he would not repeat this behavior.

Ariela Weinberg says that she is not returning to Ethiopia

Despite his protestations that him breaking his promises is somehow justified, Ariela actually stood her ground.

More than that, she told Biniyam that she had reached a decision:

She will not be returning to Ethiopia.

Biniyam Shibre - I don't like your decision

Obviously, Biniyam did not like this news, as it’s what his ex-wife did, also.

That said … one wonders if he had the exact same behavior with his ex as he did with Ari.

It’s not clear why Ariela waited this long to finally stand up to him, but she didn’t back down no matter how much he insisted.

Ariela Weinberg accuses Biniyam of cheating, suggests he get tested

Ariela didn’t just talk to Biniyam about how he’s treated her as a partner directly.

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She also confronted him about his cheating, advising that he get tested.

Biniyam, of course, insisted that he has done nothing of the sort.

Biniyam Shibre denies cheating - no, you are wrong

Here’s the thing: Ariela has seen Biniyam’s photos.

She didn’t have to snoop — he’s clearly on her phone plan, so they share an iCloud account.

His photos of partygoers and pretty ladies, and even some messages sent to the account, show up for her.

Ariela Weinberg mouth blurred out - who knows what you've done

Ariela told him bluntly that she has no idea whom or what he’s been doing in Ethiopia beyond what she’s seen.

But his own sister, Wish, tipped her off about Biniyam hanging out with other girls.

Wish is no fan of Ariela — but clearly, Bini’s behavior crossed the line and she had to say something.

Biniyam Shibre - you can't decision by yourself

Biniyam insisted that Ariela couldn’t make this decision alone, that it was “disrespectful” in his culture.

That’s a bit much, since cheating is generally considered disrespectful in almost every culture.

But Ariela told him that he still has two choices.

The first option for Biniyam was the simplest: they end their relationship.

Biniyam could stay in Ethiopia and party however he wants. Ariela can live her life.

They would draw up a legally binding custody agreement to which to adhere and be only coparents.

The other option that Ariela presented was a way to keep their relationship while cutting out toxic influences.

This option would mean moving to Kenya together, something that Bini did not want to do because all of his friends are in Ethiopia.

But that’s kind of the point, because many of those friends — as we have seen — are hurting their relationship.

friend of Biniyam Shibre - he shouldn't be worried to answer his wife's calls

Based upon what we saw in the preview for next week, and in some of the sightings of the couple from a year ago, they took Option B.

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It appears that they patched things up in Kenya, and (spoiler) the two have even been spotted in New York this year.

But … none of that answers the core question: Did Biniyam cheat on Ariela?

Obviously, Biniyam has denied it, while Ariela seems pretty certain.

Them getting back together doesn’t necessarily mean that he convinced her that he didn’t cheat.

That could just mean that she has questionable judgment and constantly gives in to his wishes … which we already knew.

Tsion suspected her ex of cheating on her

Biniyam’s ex-girlfriend, Tsion, confirmed that she suspected him of cheating on her.

Of course, she also “confirmed” that she could never actually prove it, but she believed it to be the case.

Biniyam said that Tsion was a “jealous” person … but he also says that about Ariela and about his ex-wife, Bria.

Speaking of Bria, she apparently also accused him of cheating on her — and they were married.

We know very few details about how all of that went down, and Bria has yet to speak publicly about Bini.

But if Biniyam’s ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, and current fiance all think that he’s a cheater … that says a lot.

Biniyam Shibre poses under holy water

Biniyam’s habits, his constant on-camera disrespect for Ariela’s feelings, and his own sister’s statement all point towards him being a cheater.

We get that he’s a young, hot guy, but cheating is never the answer and he can’t do that with impugnity.

Hopefully, we’ll all learn more at the Tell All … but some fans are wondering if Ariela will just cover for him.


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