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Farrah Abraham: God CHOSE Me! That’s Why Everyone Hates Me!


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At times, one might almost think that people only hate Farrah Abraham for her alarming body modifications.

While it’s true that she seems to try to attract negative attention at every turn, Farrah’s personality is what drives people away.

But if you ask Farrah, she has her own explanations for why people don’t like her.

Apparently, her haters only take issue with her because she was “chosen” by God.

A lot of Farrah Abraham’s recent online behavior has revolved around her body and her daughter.

Farrah recently inflated her lips to catastrophic proportions.

While she has every right to do what she likes with her body, she was clearly fishing for comments from those who dislike her.

More criticism came Farrah’s way over her antics with and around her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Farrah, whether she’s dragging her daughter all over the world with her instead of letting her go to school, or grinding her crotch on a broom, is no mom of the year.

It’s true that there are worse parents in the Teen Mom franchise, but … that’s not exactly a glowing endorsement, now is it?

Farrah is also notorious for her lengthy word salads, particularly when she is angry or especially paranoid.

Lengthy nonsensical rants, in writing or on video, are a staple of Farrah — and they often have alarming political or even racist elements to them.

While we can pity Farrah for her communication struggles, the immoral and spiteful statements … those are all her.

Because of who and what Farrah is, it’s sometimes difficult to tell what she’s really thinking.

Certainly, at least some of her decisions come to her naturally, because that’s just how she behaves.

Many suspect that Farrah’s decisions are also brought on by a desire to court controversy, making headlines at any cost.

All of that brings us to a recent post to Farrah’s Instagram Story.

“You are in a season where God is about to show you why you never fit in with the crowd!” the text post announces.

The text post then decrees: “You are chosen!!”

Farrah Abraham IG - god is about to show why you never fit in - you are chosen

The nicest thing that we can say about this message is that Farrah did not write it herself.

This is one of those block text posts that circulates around on social media, usually among women who are a couple of decades older than Farrah.

In this case, it was posted to some sort of “prayer corner” Instagram account (there are many) and is likely not an original quote.

Farrah opted to share it, which seems to indicate that this is how she feels.

It is certainly the case that Farrah has never really fit in with others.

She often comes into fiery conflict with the people around her, and not just on reality television.

It would be easy (and downright comforting) to believe that Farrah only behaves poorly and launches into frenzied rants for the cameras.

Unfortunately, the idea that she is a secret genius who acts out for fame and fortune doesn’t really hold up.

Getting arrested after a physical altercation at a hotel, as she did just a few years ago, did not help her image or career in any way.

The thing about Farrah is that she’s not a person who goes off on people and later calms down and admits that she could have done better.

Instead, she is convinced that she is right, that all criticisms come from a place of personal hatred and envy of her.

In fact, Farrah has repeatedly referred to others committing “hate crimes” against her … even though this term refers to very specific things.

We once watched as Farrah insisted that a drug test was a false positive.

When her hosts (this was on a TV show) attempted to humor her by saying “okay, let’s say that it’s a false positive,” she then demanded an apology.

At her core, Farrah is a deeply troubled person who is unable to understand how little she understands of the world around her.

If it were not for the malice in her heart, we would feel sorry for Farrah.

Instead, she posts things like this — claiming that she doesn’t fit in because she is “chosen” for a divine purpose.

She likely believes it, which really makes it worse. Farrah will never become a better person because she does not want to.

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