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Farrah Abraham: Sophia is Getting Her Own TikTok! SO Excited to Exploit Her More!


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Farrah Abraham is looking as pale as a ghost these days, but it’s on purpose.

With the help of her 12-year-old daughter, Farrah did an “emo” makeover with light makeup and dark black lipstick.

Buried in her post was a message:

Very soon, Sophia will have her very own TikTok account. Is that safe for Farrah’s daughter?

Farrah Abraham dons

Farrah circled her eyes in kohl, wore dark black matte lipstick, and donned a pale foundation.

Sophia helped, fitting her mom with long silver hair with black streaks.

Farrah also wore a bucket hat, chain necklaces, and a black anime tee that were giving us huge Avril Lavigne energy.

Sophia Abraham iwith red velvet hair

Farrah showed off the experimental look on TikTok over the weekend.

“Gothic emo mom has arrived thanks to Soph,” she announced.

“Anime shirt, loving it,” Farrah appraised.

Sophia and Farrah Abraham 05 of 06 for Halloween 2021

“I don’t know if I could have done this any better myself,” Farrah admitted.

“So,” she expressed, “hats off to Sophia.”

All in all, that is a genuinely sweet and fun mother-daughter moment and one of Farrah’s better parenting moments.

However, Farrah had more to say.

“I can’t wait till Sophia gets her own TikTok,” she declared.

“So,” Farrah said, “you guys can see her more.”

Sophia Abraham IG

“But that’s in February,” Farrah added.

Of course, February is just over a month away.

“We’re so pumped,” she expressed. “Woo!”

February is not an arbitrary time that Farrah pulled out of a hat.

Sophia will be eligible to have a TikTok account when she turns thirteen years old.

That will be on February 23, 2022. That is two months and some change away.

Thirteen is a key milestone age, and not just because it is when a tween becomes a teen.

At thirteen, one is actually allowed to use social media, to see a new tier of films unsupervised, and to do things like order pizza online.

But Sophia is not a typical twelve-year-old, and what makes her stand out will not change any time soon.

Like it or not, Farrah Abraham is genuinely famous.

She has been a reality star for half of her life.

This means that Sophia is famous, too — and Farrah has spent years plastering her daughter’s face all over the internet.

Sophia and Farrah Abraham 02 of 06 for Halloween 2021

This means that, when Farrah joins TikTok as a thirteen-year-old, she won’t be followed first by a handful of friends and classmates.

(Sophia also does not have “classmates” because Farrah has, for years, deprived her of vital socialization opportunities)

She can likely expect thousands of follows within her first few days on the platform, a number that will only rise over time.

Sophia Abraham in a crop top with red velvet hair

Many of these new followers will be adults.

Some will be parents or grandparents, some her mom’s age, and some will be genuinely creepy men.

Farrah knows this because she became famous as a teenager.

She has even seen this happen to Sophia through accounts of her daughter’s that she runs.

It wasn’t so long ago that Farrah shared that grown men slide into Sophia’s DMs all of the time.

While any claim by Farrah is to be taken with a grain of salt, that is alarming.

Farrah has not made any visible changes to her online behavior since then.

She continues to feature Sophia on TikTok and on Instagram.

At one point, she was offering a follow from Sophia … for thousands of dollars.

Farrah Abraham and

Those were accounts run by Farrah in Sophia’s name — something that was transparently obvious at times.

We have all seen when Farrah uses “Sophia’s” handle to publicly defend herself from criticism.

It’s a trashy and very transparent move. Therefore, it is a consummately Farrah thing to do.

Farrah Instagram IG defended by Sophia Abraham (allegedly)

Sophia joining social media in a public manner as a famous-by-association teen will expose her to a lot.

TikTok is notorious for excessive and often troubling censorship in a way that warps the way that children speak.

But that doesn’t mean that very bad men could not try to speak to her directly, perhaps encouraging her to use the site in ways that she does not know are inappropriate.

Sophia Abraham in e-girl costume

One might think that surely Farrah has thought of this, and will protect her.

For example, a responsible famous person would have their child have a private, friends-only account and a public one that goes through a social media manager.

But Farrah is not a responsible parent and has failed to protect Sophia in real life, so why would social media be any different?

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