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Pete Davidson Introduced Kim Kardashian to His Mom, Took Her On a Double Date With Scott Disick!


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Before Kim Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live back in October, there were jokes that she would fall in love with cast member Pete Davidson, as just about every famous woman who meets him seems to go head-over-heels.

Now, those jokes have become a reality, as Kim and Pete appear to have graduated from friends with benefits to actual couple.

The first sign that this relationship might be more serious than it initially seemed came when Pete spent his birthday with Kim and Kris Jenner at Kris’ house in Palm Springs.

(Flavor Flav was also there … for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.)

For most people, that was sufficient evidence that this relationship is the real deal.

But if you still doubt that Kim and Pete are actually dating and not just hooking up, the developments of the past weekend should be enough to change your mind.

According to a new report from In Touch, Pete “has already introduced” Kim to mom Amy Davidson and sister Casey Davidson

Kim & Pete

“They all met up on Staten Island,” an insider tells the tabloid.

Yes, Kim has now made multilple trips to Staten Island for this guy!

If that’s not love, we don’t know what is!

Amy, 52, and Casey, 23, have even “given their seal of approval,”

It’s pretty hard to disapprove of a billionair businesswoman who just passed the baby bar exam!

“They’re proud to be Hollywood’s hottest new item and can’t keep their hands off each other,” the insider says.

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“The PDA isn’t just for show either, they’re just as affectionate behind closed doors.”

But hey, maybe Pete is just in the habit of introducing his random hookup partners to his mom and sister.

Seems unlikely, but we suppose it’s possible.

If you’re still not convinced, however, there’s more where that came from.

According to report from Hollywood Life, after they left casa de Davidson, Kim and Pete went on a double date with Scott Disick and an unidentified mystery woman.

Multiple witnesses spotted the foursome at Staten Island hot spot (yes, such a thing exists) Angelina’s.

“Kim and Pete and Scott and a bunch of others all dined together, lots of the food was presented family style and plates were just brought out, but there were laughs, food and wine a plenty,” one source told the outlet.

“Everyone was extremely nice, everyone was extremely giving with their time and everyone was just having a really fun time laughing constantly.”

It’s a little weird that Kim still hangs out with Scott amid reports that he hates Travis Barker (her future brother-in-law), but the Kards have always been a little weird when it comes to exes.

“Pete and Kim were holding hands and very touchy with each other,” the source continued.

“She was very flirty with him and really seemed to enjoy Pete’s energy, just looking at him lovingly, laughing with him and she was just really enamored with him,” the insider added.

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“They all were joking with Scott, and there was never a moment of uneasiness. It was exactly what you would want from a dinner. Everyone just enjoying good food and good times.”

Scott has dated several models in the months since his breakup with Amelia Hamlin, but it’s unclear if his date for the night was someone he’s already been seen with or a new model entirely.

“Scott could absolutely see himself settling down again with somebody,” one insider told Hollywood Life.

“He’s open to it, but he’s also not pushing the subject either. If it happens, it happens.”

We hope that whoever Scott settles down with is in his age range.

And he might want to keep his new boo away from Pete, because apparently that dude’s animal magnetism cannot be overstated.


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