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Grey’s Anatomy Recap: An Explosion Rocks Seattle!


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Grey’s Anatomy returned from another hiatus Thursday with an explosion that rocked Seattle.

You were probably surprised to find the action already well underway when Grey’s kicked off its latest episode.

For some reason, ABC is trying to force viewers to watch both Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy to understand what the heck is going on.

The blast had a significant impact on Owen, with his PTSD flaring up, providing Kevin McKidd another moment to show off his fine acting chops.

Owen recognized he had been taught how to manage PTSD, but he worried for all the other veterans who did not get that same training.

“Nobody’s helping them with anything,” he said to Teddy. “I need to help them.”

While this was going down, Megan struggled to comprehend the fact that the blast struck while Farouk was in surgery.

Winston and Cormac battled to save her son as she held on to his hand for dear life.

The purpose of this whole scenario was simple:

Bond Megan and Owen as siblings and act like a family.

Megan, for some reason, was keeping Farouk’s condition under wraps, and it weighed heavily on her.

The kid pulled through, and Teddy and Owen instilled in Megan that “we are your family, you and Farouk, and you never have to do this alone.”

The show excels when it throws wild twists and drama at the viewers, but this was a rare moment when a family came together to prevent the inevitable.

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In a tragic twist, Bailey was shocked to see that a car arrived at the hospital without sirens on, revealing that a member of Station 19 had died.

Bailey has always worried about Ben at work because of the severity of his job, but she let out a massive sigh of relief when she learned he was still alive.

The big death was Dean. It was a huge surprise for fans of Station 19, but Bailey got an even bigger shock when Ben revealed they were taking in his daughter Pru.

Bailey was reluctant, mainly because she was concerned they formed an attachment to the kid, only for her to be taken from them.

For now, the Bailey/Warren family is up one member.

The whole scenario made everyone in Seattle worry about where their kids would go if they died.

“I’ve got Luna,” Link assured Jo in one of the most heartwarming moments of the season.

As for Mer, well, she was still living it up in Minnesota. She and Amelia invited Tom in to help with the next phase of their research, but David was not impressed.

“He was not part of our deal,” David said, before revealing he had slept with his daughter.

“It’s not the sex,” he told Mer, “it’s the gloating!”

Mer closed off her day by meeting Nick for some fine dining and some even finer kisses!

The show is going all-in on MerNick, and we’re not mad.

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Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.


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