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The Real Housewives of New York City Will Not Return in 2022 [Report]


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Ever since Bravo canceled the RHONY Season 13 Reunion, fans have been abuzz about Season 14.

In light of how this season struggled and what Ramona Singer’s alleged racist remark, will the show even go on?

Even Andy Cohen admitted that the series is going to “pause” for a while.

And a new report says that Bravo fans shouldn’t expect to see any apple-wielding Housewives in 2022.

RHONY Midseason 13 Promo

Anthony Dominic, who previously reported for TMZ, just tweeted some news.

“I’m told Bravo currently doesn’t have a new season slated for next year,” the tweet revealed.

“And,” the tweet continued, “the franchise will take some serious time off before the reboot.”

RHONY tweet by Anthony Dominic 12 November 2021

“The series is still alive,” Dominic’s tweet confirmed.

“But,” the post explained, “Bravo wants to take the time to make the return worth it.”

That makes sense … up to a point, and sounds believable given what we are already hearing elsewhere.

The Real Housewives of New York City1

Real Housewives: Ultimate girls Trip begins streaming on Peacock later this week.

Luann and Ramona have both been part of the promo work for the “All Stars” style program.

They even addressed how they would feel about a potential, hypothetical “major cast shakeup.”

“I think we could use some definitely, some more cast members,” Ramona opined.

“If we come back, I would definitely like to see a lot more people come on,” she continued.

Ramona then joked that she wants a fresh castmate “because I gotta haze somebody new.”

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Though there are many areas where Luann and Ramona are very different people, they agreed on this topic.

“We’re only five right now,” the erstwhile countess noted.

“So,” Luann reasoned, “we have a small cast compared to a lot of the franchises.”

“So I think we need kind of a reboot,” Luann suggested.

Obviously, she is using the term colloquially, as an actual reboot would mean starting from scratch — and would not include Luann.

“And it’s always nice to have new people on the show also,” Luann added.

Luann voiced her desire to “make new friends and experience new personalities and different energy.”

She added: “So I think it’s a good thing.”

Certainly, adding new cast members can breathe new life into a reality series.

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen did an interview on The Wendy Williams Show.

While Wendy is taking time off from hosting, the show has had a number of guest hosts, including Michael Rapaport.

Andy acknowledged that there is a “pause” on the show, and confirmed that they are exploring casting options.

“We are kind of on pause at this moment,” Andy announced.

“We have a lot of casting happening,” he shared, “and we’re looking at every option.”

Andy emphasized: “We are working on it. I love New York. We all love New York.” 

Starting from scratch is always a casting option, but not always the wisest.

Any time that a show rolls out a brand new cast, it’s almost like rolling out a brand new show.

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Viewers are having to learn names and faces again and build new virtual “relationships” with the stars.

That can happen, but only up to a certain point — after a while, viewers can grow fatigued.

Additionally, axing an entire cast can make audiences feel betrayed.

This would be especially true in the case of RHONY, because of the racist backlash aimed at newcomer Eboni K. Williams.

There was a lot of white fragility expressed by, ahem, certain demographics of viewers this year.

These individuals were tired of hearing about how other people are treated, and furious with Eboni for piercing their bubble of comfort.

Eboni did exactly what production hired her to do, and paid the price in a nearly unprecedented wave of vitriol online.

If anyone should remain for Season 14 — anyone at all, including some of my personal faves — it should be Eboni.

It’s not just that she’s smart and entertaining and faces off well against strong, malicious personalities.

It’s also that not asking Eboni to return would look like Bravo is caving to the bad guys — essentially “letting the terrorists win,” so to speak.

Meanwhile, it may be that Andy’s line about pausing the show has less to do with the cast and more to do with the setting.

New York itself has always been a “character” on the series, and that was not really the case — could not be the case — during COVID.

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Since the pandemic is ongoing, it may be smart for Bravo to wait until the pandemic is genuinely over before filming resumes.

If the report that the series will not return in 2022 is true, that does not necessarily mean that the Housewives will be twiddling their thumbs.

In addition to these “All Stars” projects, we should remember that each of these shows films about 8 months (give or take) in advance.

A 2023 Season 14 premiere could mean that filming starts in the first half of next year. Something for us all to keep an eye out for.


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