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Jenelle Evans Speaks Out Following David Eason’s Latest Arrest: I’m Super Depressed, Dude!


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Jenelle Evans’ life took a turn for the worse last week.

And that’s really saying something, because we didn’t think her life could’ve gotten much worse.

Things started out in familiar fashion when a clothing company Jenelle had partnered with cut her loose after learning about all the horrible things she’s done.

Brands often get tricked into collaborating with Jenelle and turn tail after googling her and finding out she’s the worst.

But the latest botched business deal was just the start of Jenelle’s disastrous weekend.

The same day that her clothing line went kaput, Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, was arrested on charges of driving with an open container, driving with a revoked license and DWI.

For those keeping score at home, this is the fifth time that David has been picked on suspicion of DWI in the past nine years.

Ironically, Jenelle spent the day complaining that she and David are decent, responsible people who are being unfairly judged for the actions of their past.

And then David went and effed up the narrative by tooling around town with no license and an open Corona in the cupholder.

Hopefully he at least remembered the lime. 

If you’re gonna get arrested for something so incredibly stupid, you might as well do it in style.

Anyway, things aren’t looking good on The Land these days.

Jenelle is a seasoned veteran when it comes to taking self-inflicted L’s, but two major public humiliations in less than 24 hours is a lot to endure, even for her.

Jenelle Is Sad

And so, Jenelle embarked on one of her infamous meltdowns, and of course, she wound up embarrassing herself even worse.

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At this point we’d like to issue a warning to our readers:

If you’re the type of person who tends to feel secondhand embarassment very strongly — in other words, if you can’t cope with cringe — then you might want to stop reading now.

Jenelle kicked things off by trying to start a feud with LeBron James.

Yes, the LeBron James.

James commented on the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial and then Jenelle tagged in a bunch of tweets in which she accused him of “attacking minors.”

This, despite the fact that Rittenhouse, is 1. not a minor, and 2. currently on trial for double murder.

“Next time there’s grown adults making fun of your kids.. don’t try and defend them when you act the same way,” she wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

“My kids watched ‘Space Jam’ and looked up to you. Now I know what type of person you are. #truth, oh and Mr. Jordan’s version was WAY better lol.”

When Jenelle was duly roasted for attacking LeBron for his perceived career failures of all things, she lashed out and did what she always does — she stared lying.

Fans pointed out that James is allowed to comment on the Rittenhouse trial if he so desires, which led Jenelle to argue that her rift with the basketballs legend had nothing to do with the trial — even though her tweets were posted as replies to James’ tweets about Rittenhouse.

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At that point, Jenelle deleted her tweets and announced on Instagram that she would be taking a break from social media.

Jenelle takes a break

“My mental health is number 1. Honestly I’m so depressed I need time away from social media. Pray for me, thanks,” she wrote.

At this point, even Jenelle’s harshest critics probably breathed a sigh of relief and wished her all the best.

If there was ever a person who desperately needs to take a break from social media, it’s Jenelle Evans.

Unfortunately, Instagram and TikTok, are Evans’ sole sources of income these days, which means taking a break might mean she would need to get a real job.

And so, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when Jenelle’s latest dramatically self-imposed hiatus lasted for all of … three hours.

Yes, three hours after announcing her break on Instagram, Jenelle was back to posting content on TikTok.

It’s a sad situation for everyone involved, especially her kids, who are forced to collaborate with their unemployed mom on more content.

Hopefully, the next time Jenelle gets banned from TikTok it’ll las long enough that she’ll be forced to fill out a few job applications.


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