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Jenelle Evans to Farrah Abraham: Grow Up, You Freakin’ Loser!


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For a long time, Jenelle Evans has reigned supreme as the very worst of all the Teen Moms.

The franchise has brought us some truly terrible people, but Jenelle’s casual bigotry and violent tendencies always gave her a slight edge in the franchise-wide race to the bottom.

But now, the always-awful Farrah Abraham might have edged Jenelle out as the most deplorable member of the Teen Mom family, as she’s apparent;y in the habit of physically attacking random strangers.

As you’ve likely heard by now Farrah was arrested in Hollywood this week after she allegedly slapped a security guard while drunk at a nightclub.

Farrah says she was set up, but no one is really buying it.

After all, this is not the first time that she’s been accused of attacking a random hospitality worker.

Back in 2018, Farrah assaulted a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel, earning herself two years probation and a lifetime ban from the place.

So yeah, now that Ms. Abraham has established a pattern of assailing people who are probably getting paid minimum wage she might have finally replaced Jenelle as the very worst of human being to ever be made famous by MTV.

And naturally, no one is happier about this then Jenelle.

“Farrah needs to grow up and act her age, Evans told UK tabloid The Sun this week.

“It’s sad she acts this way when she knows it’s going to end up in the news and her daughter can read it.”  

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If you think it sounds like Evans could be talking about herself, just hold on to your hat.

The situation gets even more ironic as alcoholic Jenelle advises Farrah to be more mindful with regard to her drinking.

If she can’t handle alcohol she should stay home,” Evans said.

“And if she was set up then maybe it’s best to stay home and drink.” 

Obviously, when it comes to the inability to drink responsibly, Jenelle is really not one to talk.

After all, we can’t even count the number of “drunk misunderstandings” she’s been involved with over the years, and she continues to drink heavile despite numerous health complaints.

For her part, Farrah insists she’s 100 percent innocent.

She insists she was the victim of an elaborate conspiracy masterminded by … a group of people who enjoy seeing former reality stars get publicly humiliated?

Farrah arrest

“What a horrible dining experience being battered and assaulted by your staff,” Farrah wrote on Instagram, alongside photos of her being detained by the restaurant’s security team.

“The staff yet again attack a paying customer and hold me against my will and hurt me.”

From there, Farrah vowed to have her revenge on the people who randomly tackled her to the floor in the middle of her appetizer.

“I’m putting a restraining order on @antonelloparloto who made this dinner reservation and conspired an attack on myself with the staff at @grandmaster_recorders as it was a ‘private persons arrest’ complete setup,” she alleged.

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“I’ve had a very traumatizing year and I don’t deserve to be attacked, bruised, men on me, and battered,” she continued, apparently attempting to turn this into a feminist issue.

“I realize it’s no longer safe for women to go out to eat in their own neighborhoods.”

Currently, Farrah is trying to become a lawyer, and she says that once she’s cleared to practice law in California, vengeance will be hers. 

“I look forward to my law degree and I look forward to court. Justice will be served as always,” Abraham concluded.

Yes, Farrah is just as delusional as ever.

Say what you will about Jenelle, at least the woman doesn’t think she’s some sort of once-in-a-generation legal genius.


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