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Jennie Nguyen Admits Domestic Violence: I Broke My Husband’s Rib!


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We would honestly not have predicted that that these particular Housewives would be the ones with racism scandals.

Mary Cosby has said alarmingly racist things, including some twisted comments to her castmate, Jennie Nguyen.

Meanwhile, Jennie has her own racism scandal … and apparently wasn’t satisfied with one bad deed.

On camera, she confessed to having abused her husband while in a violent rage, resulting in breaking one of his ribs.

On The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, the ladies were still on their girls trip.

While there was a lot of Jen Shah and a lot of Meredith Marks drama, we did not miss Jennie’s startling admission.

It all happened because she and Mary were at odds … over Mary’s appalling racist comments.

Mary Cosby vs Jennie Nguyen - I don't even want to talk to her

Later, the women tried to make peace during the episode, which is when Jennie dropped a bombshell.

“I have anger issues,” shared with the camera.

“For a whole year, I went to anger management,” Jennie revealed, “because I can’t control my temper.”

“One night, I keep throwing s–t at my husband,” Jennie recalled.

“And,” she confessed, “I actually broke his ribs.”

Abusive spouses commonly throw things, directly at their victim or simply to break them to instill terror.

Jennie is describing a serious case of abuse.

Most domestic violence doesn’t even leave lasting marks.

In this case, Jennie’s husband, Duy Tran, suffered a broken rib — which likely took over a month to heal.

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Jennie for some reason decided to share this horrifying glimpse into who she really is while discussing her beef with Mary.

She was explaining why she wanted to avoid letting that rage present itself in front of Mary.

Jennie said that her anger management class had taught her to “let things go,” so she did so with Mary.

Jennie’s anger with Mary was largely rooted in Mary’s “compliments” about Jennie’s looks.

Bafflingly, Mary praised Jennie for her “slanted eyes” and yellow skin.

These are microaggressions that any tween would know are wrong, but Mary blurted it out like she had other racist comments.

Jennie of course has her own racism scandal.

Just a year and a half ago, she shared vicious post expressing bigotry and vitriol towards the Black community during 2020’s historic civil rights protests.

Yes, people can change and grow over time, but that level of hate, that recently? Many feel that this goes to the core of who Jennie is.

Admittedly, we’re starting to wonder if there’s something in the water over in Bravo, because Jennie’s not the first Real Housewife to admit to abusing her husband on camera.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke lost countless fans when she described abusing her husband, Sean Burke, by hitting him in the face.

In a twisted way, it’s almost refreshing to hear domestic abusers confess on camera instead of lie when accused … but it speaks to a major underlying cultural problem.

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Under our culture’s patriarchal worldview, power is seen as so inherently masculine that domestic abuse by women against their partners is too often dismissed or ridiculed.

(The same goes for other horrors, including sexual assault committed by women against men)

Perhaps this is why monsters like Jennie and Braunwyn don’t bat an eye at telling the world how they have treated the partners whom they claim to love.

Domestic abuse is one of the most evil acts imaginable, even if those who commit it sometimes imagine it to be a “personal” problem.

Fortunately, there is some good news in this case, as Bravo shared on Tuesday that Jennie Nguyen has been fired over her racism scandal.

Our hearts go out to all victims and survivors of domestic violence — and to those targeted by racism.

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