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Aaron Rodgers: Joe Biden Is Dumb, and So Is Everyone Who Voted For Him!


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Well, as you’ve probably heard by now, Aaron Rodgers embarrassed himself over the weekend.

No, we’re not talking about his touchdown-less performance in the Packers humiliating defeat at the hands of the 49ers in front of 80,000 disappointed Cheeseheads at Lambeau Field.

We’re talking about the once-beloved QB’s ongoing heel turn, in which he continues to antagonize tens of millions of Americans who committed the unforgivable crimes of listening to their doctors and voting against the guy who tried to steal the election.

The trouble began back in November when Rodgers contracted Covid-19 and revealed to the world that he’s unvaccinated.

This, despite previously stating in a press conference that he had “been immunized.”

It was bad enough that Rodgers had put others at risk and lied to the public.

(Yes, we know he thought he was very clever with his vaccinated/immunized word game, but when someone asks you a yes or no question, and you begin your response with “yeah” when the correct answer is “no,” that’s called lying.)

But he proceeded to make the situation even worse by spewing conspiracy theories, railing against the “woke mob,” and following health advice from Joe Rogan, a man whose only experience in the medical field is pumping himself full of enough steroids to make Barry Bonds wince.

In other words, the shadier of the two A-Rods (which is really saying something) reminded the world that hosting Jeopardy is not necessarily an indication of high intelligence.

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Rodgers kept his dipsh-t streak going this week when he lashed out at the Biden administration in the sort of rambling tirade for which he’s unfortunately become known.

“When the president of the United States says, ‘This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ it’s because him and his constituents, which, I don’t know how there are any if you watch any of his attempts at public speaking, but I guess he got 81 million votes,” Rodgers told ESPN during a phone interview.

Now obviously, that was one hell of an awkward/ungrammatical sentence from someone a guy who’s criticizing someone else’s public speaking skills.

But things got even more confusing, as the 38-year-old blasted the CDC before citing their statistics.

“But when you say stuff like that, and then you have the CDC, which — how do you even trust them? — but then they come out and talk about 75% of the COVID deaths have at least four comorbidities. And you still have this fake White House set saying that this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated, that’s not helping the conversation,” Rodgers said.

While it’s true that the majority of Covid deaths have comorbidities, it’s also true that the vaccinated individuals are significantly less likely to die or require hospitalization if they contract the virus.

And since tens of millions of Americans have conditions that would qualify as comorbidities, it’s probably a good idea for that steps be taken to protect those people from dropping dead.

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As for Rodgers anger at Biden, it seems to be the result of a joke the president last month.

“Tell that quarterback he’s got to get his vaccine,” Biden remarked to a Packers while touring a hurricane-ravaged region of Kentucky back on December 15.

Yes, Rodgers is apparently still pissed about that remark six weeks later.

So you can be sure he’s handling his latest disappointing playoff performance with all sorts of dignity and maturity. 


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