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Jim Bob Duggar: The Radical Left is Trying to Cancel My Family!


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As you may have heard, Jim Bob Duggar is running for state senate in Arkansas.

As you may not have heard, however, he’s doing so because his family is a victim of an ever-growing woke mob that wants to cancel him and his loved ones simply because his oldest son may have downloaded sexually explicity videos of infant boys and girls.

The nerve of this woke mob, you know?

How dare they?!?

In late October, Duggar made the surprising announcement that he’s aiming to replace state senator Lance Eads, who has resigned to work in the private sector.

“I am honored to announce my candidacy for Arkansas State Senate District 7. Northwest Arkansas is my lifelong home,” Jim Bob said at the time, adding:

“It’s where my wife Michelle and I have raised our 20 children. It’s where we’ve grown our small businesses. It’s where we’ve built a life centered around our faith, family, and friends.

“Our family has been blessed by God in so many ways.”

Concluded the father of 19, who served one term in the Arkansas House of Representatives beginning in 1999:

“We’ve found His love and goodness to be our source of strength in both our most joyous occasions and our darkest moments. It’s important to us to give back and to help others in every way we can.

“I’m running for State Senate because these are unprecedented times in our nation…

“Now more than ever, we need a bold voice that is pro-family, pro-business, pro-gun and pro-life.

“It’s time for conservatives to demand courageous leadership that puts Arkansas families, jobs, and our constitutional liberties first. I look forward to being your voice in the Arkansas State Senate.”

As for what he plans to do if elected to office? As for the most significant issues he believes are facing our nation?

In a section of his official website titled “Why I’m Running,” Jim Bob did not directly address son Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal.

Or his infidelity.

Or his very recent arrest on child pornography charges.

But the controversial patriarch does defend his loved ones, while broadly addressing the apparently unfair criticism that has come their way.

“I will not allow the liberal left, social media, or fake news to define me and my family,” writes Jim Bob.

“Like so many other families, we too have faced crises, difficulties, and heartbreak. “Cancel culture” and the radical left want to keep us from being involved in politics.

“They say because our family has faced problems we should shrink away  — this is why they are often so relentlessly unkind, but we cannot sit on the sidelines during a time when one of America’s most important battles is taking place!”

Many families out there have faced crises, it’s true.

Almost no other candidate for office has helped his son cover up the inappropriate touching of his own siblings, however.

Nor have very many other candidates for offiice been accused of stealing millions of dollars from their own kids and/or pressuring them to get pregnant as often as possible because they only view women as baby-making factors and nothing more.

Jim Bob Duggar stands alone there!

He’s also standing against the health and safety of kids across the country.

“We are seeing President Biden advocating for forced vaccines for our children — with an experimental, untested shot!” he continues on his website, showing no respect at all for the FDA.

“Parents, not the government, should make decisions for their own children.

“The liberals scream “it’s my body” when they want to end the life of an unborn child but would gladly force mandatory vaccines upon everyone without hesitation.”

Checking off every box on his Fox News bingo card, Duggar adds:

We must fight the Biden regime, the Democratic Party, and the establishment “RINO” Republicans who are pushing this Marxist agenda!

In conclusion, says Jim Bob?

I have been tried and tested in the public spotlight and never changed. You’ll always know where I stand and I will stand firm for you, even if it means standing alone.

He’ll also stand firm for sexual predators and alleged pedophiles.

That’s not included anywhere in his campaign literature, however. Weird.

Duggar will take part in the Republican primary on December 14 and then, if he defeats these conservative opponents, again in the special election on February 8, 2022.

We wish him the worst of luck.

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