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Jon Gosselin: I’m Afraid My Kids Will Blow Their TV Fortunes!


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Even though Jon Gosselin has been waxing nostalgic lately, he is also looking to the future.

While the twins are already young adults, the sextuplets are 17 … but will be 18 this May.

At that time, all six of them will gain access to money earned during their lifelong reality TV careers.

Jon knows how easily people can blow through that kind of windfall, and is taking steps to protect Hannah and Collin from that mistake.

On May 10 of 2022, the Gosselin sextuplets will be legal adults.

The 18-year-olds will then inherit their reality TV money.

Jon knows the horror stories of stars of both scripted and reality television who lost everything, and doesn’t want that for his kids.

Of course, Jon does not have custody of all six of the sextuplets.

Hannah and Collin, however, have been with him for years — ever since they were old enough to have input in their own custody.

Being free from Kate’s clutches also means that they’re under Jon’s guidance.

As such, Jon has opted to enroll his two 17-year-olds in finance classes.

It is his hope that this will help them to manage this money — earned from a show that ran for 11 seasons.

The Gosselin kids will receive 25% at age 18, 25% at 21, 25% at 25, and 25% at 30.

This gradual delivery system of the money more or less guarantees that none of the kids will be destitute for life just because of a mistake at 19.

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But, in theory, any one of them could blow whatever their payday at 18 turns out to be, either by spending big or investing in a crypto pyramid scheme.

Despite the inherent immorality of child stardom, very few people have this kind of financial opportunity, and Jon wants to give Collin and Hannah their best chance.

An inside source explained to The Sun: “Jon has no control over the other kids.”

“And,” the insider explained, Jon “is worried whether they will use the money wisely.”

Financial literacy is seldom taught in school, and a windfall can be hard to manage for a teenager.

“He is hoping they will use the money for schooling,” the source detailed.

“But at this point,” the insider stated, “he has no control.”

The source added: “He just wants the best for them.”

“Jon was so concerned about the kids he has custody of,” the insider emphasized.

This, the source explained, is why “he had them take finance classes to prepare.”

The insider revealed: “And luckily they both got As.”

We all know the stories of child stars and even people who became celebrities as adults who spent massive fortunes in a short time.

From Aaron Carter to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, no amount of fame equals automatic wealth for life.

We don’t even know how much they’re going to be getting, but while they deserve to reap the rewards of the otherwise raw deal life handed to them, the Gosselin kids deserve long-term financial security.

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