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Josh Duggar Interrogation Tapes: What Did We Tell the FBI … And How Will It Affect His Appeal?


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It’s been six weeks since Josh Duggar was convicted on child pornography charges, but we’re still learning new information about the investigation that finally put this predator behind bars.

Thanks to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by UK tabloid the Daily Mail, photos of the filthy office where Josh committed his crimes were published for the first time this week, and they help to highlight the absurdity of the 33-year-old’s appeal.

Defense attorneys are arguing that Josh was framed by an employee named Caleb Williams, who allegedly used Duggar’s office and computer to download child sexual abuse materials (CSAM).

However, that argument is heavily undermined the office photos.

The standalone structure is simply not large enough for two people to occupy at once, and the digital combination lock on the door makes it very unlikely that anyone could come and go from the facility without Josh’s knowledge and permission.

No, despite the wild conspiracy theory currently being pushed by Josh’s legal team the most obvious explanation remains the likeliest one:

The CSAM were downloaded by the man who owns the property, the business, and the computer, and who has a long history of predatory behavior — Josh Duggar.

Josh’s lies are made even more apparent by the latest materials published by the Daily Mail:

The outlet has obtained audio recordings of Josh being interviewed by federal agents the day that his workplace was raided in November of 2019.

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First off, when asked if his office uses a conventional wi-fi setup, Josh provided a needlessly complex answer:

“We’ve had several different things. In fact, last week I changed it,” he told the FBI.

“I think there’s three routers in there, I honestly can’t remember. But we had it daisy-chained so we could send it out over the lot, so we could get to each edge, to be able to take pictures and things like that, to post them up,” Josh continued.

“Because our cell service is not that great, here in the valley. Right, now I probably have two routers in there, hooked up. One of them is more long-range, and one is closer up.”

Josh didn’t get super high-tech in his response, but it’s obvious that he knows what he’s talking about, and that he has a clear understanding of his business’ wi-fi configuration.

This is significant, as his lawyers had previously argued that Josh is basically computer illiterate.

Asked if his wi-fi is password-protected, Josh gives another incriminating answer:

“I believe one of them is, but I think one of them is more of a like a guest network. And I think that’s why we have them separated right now,” he said.

“Last week, I changed the configuration on the router because the one was open, the main one.”

If you followed Josh’s case closely, then you know that passwords factored into the courtroom drama in a major way.

Prosecutors argued that the network and the computer used to download the CSAM were both protected by passwords that were known only to Josh.

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The defense claimed that even if that were true, the passwords could have been easily guessed by an employee.

In attempting to pin the crime on Williams, Josh’s lawyers are taking that argument even further and claiming that this particular employee knew the password and had full access to everything within Josh’s office, including the private wi-fi connection.

So we suppose they’re planning to argue that Josh tinkered with the security settings a week earlier, then shared the new information with Williams, even though he would have already had serious suspicions about the man by this time.

At other points in the interview, Josh feigned ignorance about his office’s internet setup.

“I mean, I’m familiar with, I guess you could say,” Duggar replied to one question about how the computers he used on a daily basis.

Asked how many of his devices contain peer to peer programs such as TorBrowser, which he used to download the CSAM, Josh replied “probably all,” as though that’s customary for the office computers at a used car dealership.

“I have quite a few questions about it …. I’m just, I’m curious, you’re saying there’s images being uploaded or images being downloaded?” Duggar asked when the nature of the investigation became apparent.

Josh’s office computer was equipped with a program called “Covenant Eyes,” which his wife, Anna, used to monitor his internet activity.

Josh set up a Linux partition that enabled him to use a separate operating system on the same computer, thus side-stepping the monitoring software.

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His lawyers claim he doesn’t possess the level of expertise that would enable him to pull off such a maneuver, and they point to the more asinine portions of his interview as proof.

But Josh has boasted about his technological capabilities in the past.

And if a co-worker were trying to frame him for downloading child porn, why would the guy go to such great lengths to conceal his activity?

Of course, we always knew that Josh’s appeal would be rooted in BS.

But for the amount that he’s shelling out for his defense, we thought the BS would be a little more difficult to disprove!


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