Home Entertainment Julia Fox Calls Kanye West the Ultimate Stunt Queen: Dating Him Was Unreal!

Julia Fox Calls Kanye West the Ultimate Stunt Queen: Dating Him Was Unreal!

Julia Fox Calls Kanye West the Ultimate Stunt Queen: Dating Him Was Unreal!


Despite dating and breaking up with Julia Fox, Kanye West has lashed out wildly at Kim Kardashian for dating.

In the aftermath of Kanye’s latest unhinged swipe at Pete Davidson, even those linked to the self-styled genius have received backlash.

Julia Fox is speaking up about the criticism, and what it was like to date Ye, however briefly.

It was a surreal experience, and she admits to having lost 15 pounds in as many days while she was with the “ultimate stunt queen,” Kanye.

Julia Fox spoke to The New York Times about this unique experience and what detractors have had to say to her.

“It’s not real,” she characterized. “It’s only happening on the internet.”

“I’m not actively engaging with it,” Julia emphasized. “I don’t feel it.”

“I’m still 1,000 percent me,” Julia continued.

“Nothing’s changed,” she began.

“Except, I will say,” Julia admitted, “having been around Kanye was like a crash course on how to be famous.”

Julia strongly implied that their relationship, such as it was after 15 days together, ended because of their busy schedules.

“I tried my best to make it work,” she stated.

Julia pointed out that “I already had a jam-packed life.”

“How do I fit this really big personality into this already full life?” Julia asked.

She concluded: “It just wasn’t sustainable.”

Julia detailed an alarming health fact: “I lost like 15 lbs. in that month.”

When asked if she and Kanye were exclusive during their fortnight or so, Julia admitted: “I don’t think so.”

She did shoot down the idea that the dating was for attention.

“I mean, there were definitely elements of it that were real,” Julia explained.

While Julia clearly had some unusual experiences by Kanye’s side, she clarified that she didn’t sign an NDA or “interview” to be his girlfriend.

She slammed those claims as “ridiculous.”

Kanye is an egomaniac, but he’s not a Scientologist.

Though they spent more than two weeks together, Julia admitted that labels like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” didn’t officially come up.

“I don’t think those words ever came out of my mouth, actually,” she confessed.

“It definitely felt like I was his girlfriend,” she characterized.

“But it also felt like I was being cast in the role of his girlfriend,” Julia described, “and he was casting me.”

She added: “He was the orchestrator of it all.”

Explaining the vibe of the experience, Julia commented: “It really did feel like a movie.”

Julia described Kanye as “the ultimate stunt queen.”

The term describes someone who, often through trickery, puts on a big show in order to attain social clout or a higher social status.

Even so, she says that she’s not worried about Kanye, who infamously seems to have no filter, delving into details about their time together.

“I don’t think that he would want to open that door with me,” Julia explained.

“If you come for me, I’m going to come for you,” she reasoned.

“And I’m really good at coming for people,” Julia appraised. “I just go straight for the jugular.”

“I don’t think he would be dumb enough to do that,” Julia speculated.

She saluted Ye for the “priceless exposure” that he gave her during their 15 days, noting that this opened doors for her in the fashion industry.

“Look at the big picture,” Julia suggested. “That was amazing for me.”

Still, Julia doesn’t want to be known as Kanye’s revenge-bang forever, and hopes to “eventually surpass the Kanye narrative.”

She teased: “Believe it or not, Kanye’s not the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Honestly, she rubbed “elbows” with the guy and got out quickly. Whatever we may think of Kanye himself, good for her.


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