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Matt Baier: Amber Portwood is a Liar. But Everyone Already Knows That!


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Matt Baier would like to tell his side of the story.

And it’s a pretty simple one, the former MTV personality says.

Earlier this week, we shared an excerpt from Amber Portwood’s new memoir in which she alleges that an ex-fiance once shoved pills down her throat.

The Teen Mom OG star doesn’t cite Baier by name — but anyone familiar with her romantic history and/or dating timeline has deduced that she must have been referring to him when she wrote the following…

I was doing the best I could staying away from the amount of drugs that had messed up my life so badly before jail, and my fiancé knew it was a daily struggle for me.

I think the biggest red flag in our relationship was when he forced a hydrocodone in my mouth.

We had just met and he wanted to see a little bit of the party girl he had read about in the tabloids.

I guess depressed Amber wasn’t enough for him. When I said I had given up pills, he shoved a pill down my throat. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.

Yikes, huh?!?

In other parts of this same memoir, Amber claims Matt would “slap” her around during arguments.

She even writes that Baier once injured himself on purpose and threatened to call the police, stating that they would take his side and place Portwood under arrest due to her history of domestic violence.

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Again: Yikes, huh?!?

The thing is, Baier claims this is all a bunch of nonsense.

“Amber knows the truth,” he wrote to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup in an email, making the following argument in response:

“Does anyone really believe if those stories we actually true that Amber Portwood would wait five years to tell them?”

Baier went on to state that Amber’s allegations that her ex wanted her to be the “party girl he had read about in the tabloids” are also totally and completely dumb and false.

“I’ve stated numerous times that in the time I knew Amber that she was sober and she wasn’t drinking early in our relationship because she was on parole so there was no ‘party girl’ at all,” Matt explained to The Ashley.

“She took her parole very seriously and spent 90% of her time on the couch watching TV.

“In fact, even when she completed parole she wasn’t in any way a party girl.”

Sounding mostly calm and level-headed in this exchange with the aforementioned celebrity gossip site, Baier added:

“I find her revisionist history of events interesting to say the least.

“Amber knows quite well what the truth is and if she thinks telling stories to improve her public image is what she needs to do then I wish her nothing but the best.”

Baier has scarcely even talked about Portwood in the many years since their split, a point he emphasized to The Ashley.

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“For the last five years, my only comments about Amber have been that she is a far better mother than people think and when I knew her she was sober and that’s all I’ll ever say about her,” he said.

“When I met her I made her a promise that anything I knew about her good or bad are things I’d never repeat and that’s a promise I’ll always stick to.

“Anything bad in our relationship I put behind me the day I left the relationship.”

Baier concluded as follows:

“Amber knows the truth and I know the truth and to me that’s really all that matters.

“I wish her nothing but the best and I hope her book is wildly successful.”


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