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June Shannon Dating New, Terrible Boyfriend: Who is Justin Stroud?


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In recent months, Mama June Shannon has dumped Geno Doak and gotten a hot new GMILF makeover.

For a while, there, she was linked to a hot young boytoy — to her family’s alarm.

Now, June has been linked to a new man.

Unfortunately, the photos of this man and his trailer betray that he is seriously bad news.

This week, The Sun reported that Mama June Shannon has a new boyfriend.

That man is a 34-year-old auto mechanic named Justin Stroud.

A fellow Georgia resident, he has reportedly been spending a lot of time with the 42-year-old grandmother as she films.

June Shannon IG shows tattoo of Justin Stroud

June was first linked to Justin when she shared what her tattoo artist friend did for her new “booboo.”

She did not share a lot of details, leaving the world to investigate it as they knew that they would.

In the age of the internet, no one is truly anonymous — especially when they’re “rubbing elbows” with a reality star.

Justin Stroud trailer 01 of 03

Justin, originally a native of Alabama, is leaving June’s fans concerned.

It is only natural that the world would be curious about June’s new man, especially after her dating history.

Unfortunately, what people have unearthed is cause for alarm.

Justin Stroud trailer 02 of 03

In 2018, Justin uploaded a series of looks at his home, possibly with the intention of selling it.

The residence was a trailer, one with garbage strewn throughout it.

In some images, he was seen smoking a cigarette within the confined, filthy space.

Justin Stroud trailer 03 of 03

Obviously, the trailer is not the red flag — poverty can happen to anyone, including June herself.

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The smoking is more worrisome, both given June’s chronically poor health and the importance of her steering clear of all addictions.

The biggest red flag was not the filth, the poverty, or the nicotine … but a literal flag.

That appears to be the Confederate flag.

There have been a number of scandals over the years of reality stars and their acquaintances displaying hate symbols in their homes or on social media.

In many cases, these are things that they attempted to hide — instead of plastering all over social media.

Justin Stroud bad selfie

We don’t know much about Justin Stroud, but there is simply no good or justifiable reason to display a Confederate flag in your home.

Infamous hate symbols sometimes have a place on movie sets or in museum, so that the history of evil itself can be taught to future generations.

Fans are downright queasy at the idea that this is the sort of man with whom June has been spending her time.

It is always possible that Justin has changed a great deal over the past three years.

Being a good or a bad person is one of the few things that an individual can truly control, and anyone can decide to stop believing in and espousing racism.

But … without any indication that he has done so, it’s difficult to get our hopes up.

All things considered, it’s alarming but unsurprising that June’s taste in men is so catastrophically bad.

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Sugar Bear was a monster, Geno was a disaster for her life and for his own, and 24-year-old TikToker boy toy Jordan McCollum had his own baggage.

Time after time, June has chosen to surround herself with bad people … and Justin is not the first to display a hate symbol, either.

family crisis doe doe shannon 02 of 03

Mama June viewers are familiar with Michael Mclarty, also known as “Big Sexy.”

What some have forgotten is that one of his arms has a Nazi tattoo, including a swastika on display.

The show has had to blur out his arms or require him to wear sleeves, but that disgusting symbol is still there.

doe doe shannon and big mike

With that in mind, it’s far from shocking that June wouldn’t bat an eye at someone who loves the Confederate flag.

The symbols are so interchangeable, due to the shared value of white supremacy, that Nazis fly the Confederate flag in European nations where Nazi symbols are illegal.

We would all love to see June — and others — make better choices.


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