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Kailyn Lowry Breaks Down at the Gym, Admits to Weight Loss Struggle


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Kailyn Lowry is an open book these days when it comes to her ups and downs.

Mostly downs, though, as the unfortunate case has been.

First, Lowry revealed she’s been diagnosed with clinical depression.

Now, the Teen Mom 2 veteran has opened up about her ongoing struggle to shed some of those pesky pounds.

lowry weight loss

To what extent?

“[I] went to the gym today. [I] did not want to go to the gym today,” an emotional Kailyn wrote Monday via her Instagram Stories, adding with honesty:

“I cried when I started the workout. Literally[, I was] so overwhelmed.

“Then I did the workout, and I cried when I was done.”

That’s tough to hear, but it’s likely a feeling to which so many people out there can relate.

“Wanting to lose weight has been a struggle for me since probably 2016. I really struggled,” the podcast host and MTV personality continued.

“It was a really hard first day for me. Hopefully, I follow through with the workout tomorrow.”

That’s the thing.

You need to just keep going, to make exercise part of your routine until it’s something you just… do. Something you can’t imagine not doing.

Lowry did at least wrap up her post with a supportive message to others who are going through their own challenges, writing:

“Sending all the good vibes to everyone who wants to be the best version of themself [and] is struggling getting to the gym or whatever it may be!”


The mother of three has long been candid about her weight loss journey, along with the setbacks she has faced amid never-ending body-shaming frrom strangers on the Internet.

Or even from those she knows pretty well.

For example?

On September 21, prior to heading to the gym for a workout, Lowry wrote on social media:

“Shout-out to [Chris Lopez] and [Lauren Comeau] for calling me a fat f–k, fat POS and [for telling] me to get running.”

It’s too bad Lowry had to endure these kinds of insults, but at least she appears to be using them as fuel to add to her calorie-burning fire.

Kailyn previously said this fall that she has lost 12 pounds, and that she has set her sights on accomplishing even grander goals in the months ahead.

And years ahead, too.

On an October episode of “Coffee Convos,” Lowery said she’s dedicated to making her next decade her best. EVER.

“I want to enter my thirties like that, and so, that’s what really motivates me,” she said at the time.


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