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Kim Kardashian Lookalike Chaney Jones Goes Instagram Official with Kanye West


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For weeks, Kim Kardashian lookalike Chaney Jones has been dropping hints that she’s dating Kanye West.

Just as she copies Kim’s sense of style, she also seems to match Kim’s meme-worthy lack of subtlety when it comes to said hints.

Now, she is stirring the pot even further.

Chaney’s boldest move yet has been going Instagram official with the megalomaniac.

Chaney Jones has been spotted in public with Kanye multiple times in recent weeks.

It’s not just that they were seen together, they were seen together on two separate coasts just day’s apart.

That’s either a remarkable coincidence or a strong hint that they’re just, you know, together.

Then of course is the fact that Chaney happens to strongly resemble Kanye’s ex, Kim Kardashian.

It’s not just that they have a passing physical resemblance, either.

From makeup to sunglasses to styling, Chaney looks like she’s trying to Single White Female Kim, even if Chaney is not belived to be white herself.

Chaney and Kanye haven’t officially declared themselves to be dating, playing a similar game to Kim’s with Pete Davidson (minus the death threats).

She captioned herself wearing a Yeezy outfit, calling herself “his muse” early last month.

Kanye is a known Akira fan, andChaney also made sure that the world saw her pose beside an array of Akira manga. It’s not subtle.

Even subtler was her post to her Instagram Stories on Monday, February 28.

Wearing a tank top and shades, she snapped a selfie and shared it with her followers.

This garnered a lot of attention because, well, look who showed up in it: Kanye West.

Chaney Jones IG featuring Kanye West (with IG UI, etc)

It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on here, and we don’t just mean “we can’t technically say that they’re totally dating until they confirm it.”

Under more normal circumstances, we’d simply say that a malicious man is trying to spite his ex by dating a carbon copy of her.

For that matter, he could even simply be arranging to be seen with her lookalike without dating her, simply to make things weird.

But … sometimes, with Kanye, it’s hard to tell.

Sure, people have speculated that Chaney might be deliberately dating Kanye to go all in on her Kim impression.

Most people can wear Kim’s sunglasses if they have the budget. Not everyone can have Kim’s estranged husband on their arm, too.

Kanye though … it’s very difficult to be sure what he’s thinking or how he perceives the world around him.

Is he fully aware of just how much, and how deliberately, Chaney resembles Kim?

Everyone else is, but Kanye often has a “unique” perspective that does not match up with other people’s … or reality.

As for things with the real Kim and her ex, they’re not great.

Kim recently accused Kanye of spreading “misinformation” on social media about their family, their co-parenting, and thier children.

We have all seen the posts, and Kim is of course citing the “emotional distress” brought on by Kanye’s unfiltered impulse-posts.

But Kanye’s team is hitting back, claiming that this is “double hearsay” and demanding that Kim submit these social media posts into evidence.

What’s more, they want her to somehow prove that Kanye made the posts.

In other words, instead of just being decent and respectful, Kanye is making this as pointlessly difficult and painful as possible with no clear motive.

Kim has asked the court to formally end her marriage to Kanye, declaring her to be legally single. 

It has been more than a year since she filed for divorce, and the writing was on the wall long before that.

There is a hearing on Wednesday, March 2, in which the court will consider her request. We wish her the best of luck.

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