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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Engaged? Rumors Swirl After HUGE Ring Photo


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We have known for months that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child.

She has shared more of this process than she did of her first pregnancy, but some details have not been made public.

Kylie’s latest photo included a shiny new ring.

And that’s not even the main reason that people suspect that she and Travis are engaged.

On Tuesday, November 2, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share a photo.

“Daddy got us matching rings,” she captioned the post.

Kylie included a white heart emoji and a stormcloud emoji.

Kylie Jenner IG

In the photo, which you can see more clearly just below, she holds out her hand alongside Stormi’s.

Both of their nails are manicured, with Stormi in a glittery green and Kylie’s long nails dotted with pearls.

But the most eye-catching detail, of course, are the matching mother-daughter Toi et Moi rings.

Those are some very sizable diamonds on these distinctive matching rings.

(So sizable and distinctive that some of Kylie’s fans can’t help wondering how much of a house one could buy for the price of this bling)

But while these rings are clearly just matching gifts from “daddy” Travis Scott, Kylie has other fingers and other jewelry.

“Hiding what’s on the engagement ring finger #JustSaying,” commented one fan.

Another follower observed: “I’m seeing a ring on her wedding finger too.”

While we cannot confirm what the ring was, yes, it certainly looks like she has something on her ring finger.

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Khloe Kardashian also commented on her youngest sister’s photo.

“Daaaaammmmnnnnnnnnn,” Khloe exclaimed.

She then added: “No he did not!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Some took Khloe’s comment as a sign that she knows more than she’s letting on about Kylie and Travis’ relationship status.

But she might be reacting less as a future sister-in-law to Travis and more as a fellow parent.

True is just two months younger than Stormi, and any parent is going to have opinions over giving a preschooler that kind of jewelry.

Kylie and Travis are certainly serious about each other, whether or not they are engaged.

They’re reportedly not back together, which is … certainly an interesting fact.

Because they do have a second child on the way, together, with a possible due date around February of next year — per speculation.

Apparently, this was just something that Kylie really wanted to do.

She and Khloe have always had a lot in common, from feeling like “ugly ducklings” to fetishizing Black men to, apparently, wanting kids via their exes.

Not everyone handles divorce or the complications of a blended family well. For Khloe and Kylie, that meant wanting their kids to be full siblings.

We’ll save the psychoanalysis for the experts that Kylie and Khloe aren’t likely to speak to.

For now, we have to ask: are they really popping out a whole other child without being back together?

Or is all of this a false trail, and Kylie and Travis want to play an engagement close to the vest?

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An inside source spoke to E! News to say that the engagement “speculation is not true at all.”

The insider then emphasized: “They are not engaged.”

So Travis calling Kylie “wifey” earlier this year was, what, a slip of the tongue?

Look, we all understand that not everyone puts official labels on their relationships and that not every romance fits into a neat and tidy box.

What is perplexing to Kylie’s fans is that she is a public figure whose personality has catapulted her to unsurpassed fame … but won’t explain anything.

She doesn’t have to explain herself, but it’s fair for fans to be confused that she’s holding back details from a life built upon oversharing.


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