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Dimple Malhan- Personal and Professional life!!


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Famous Vlogger recognised for Dimple’s Kitchen YouTube channel. She is an Indian YouTuber who posts videos of delicious kitchen dishes and hacks. Dimple Malhan popular recipes include a chocolate mug cake and a mango mocktail. However, most of her YouTube content is focused on food, yet she also covers life hacks, cars, real estate, and tech gadgets. She went viral on YouTube for a video captioned “Nischay aur Abhishek ne ki nayi gaadi lene ki zidd”. Then after she gardened 4.2 million subscribers with all her effort and engaging content. Plus, she has a captivating and striking physique and her humour style adds to her charm and appeal.

She is married to Vinay Malhan and both have three kids, Triggered Insaan (Nishay Malhan), Fukra Insaan (Abhishek Malhan) and Prerna Malhan. Today’s blog post is centred on Dimple Malhan age, net worth and all other personal plus professional details. If you are curious to know about Malhan the YouTuber family then you are at the right place. Read the full content and get all the related details. 

Quick Info on Dimplae Malhan Height, weight, net worth and much more!!


Full Name Dimple Malhan
Dimple malhan Date of Birth 14th November, 1967
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Dimple Malhan Age 56 Years
Birth Place New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Dimple Malhan Height 5’ 7’’ (170 cm), (1.57 m)
Dimple Malhan Weight 58 kg
Dimple Malhan Profession YouTuber and Vlogger Famous as Dimple’s Kitchen on YouTube
Dimple Malhan Net Worth $180,000 to $240,000
Dimple Malhan Education Graduated
College / University Dev Smaj Girls College, Ambala

DAV College, Amritsar

Dimple Malhan Marital Status Married to Vinay Malhan on 9th February, 1989. He is a businessman
Dimple Malhan Children 2 sons (Abhishek Malhan, Nischay Malhan/ Triggered Insaan)

1 Daughter (Prerna Malhan)

Dimple Malhan Facebook Link
Dimple Malhan Instagram Page
Dimple Malhan Kitchen
Started You Tube Channel In 2019
Dimple Malhan YouTube Subscribers Around 3 M
Dimple Malhan Hair Color Black
Dimple Malhan Eye Color Black
Dimple Malhan Hobbies Travelling and Cooking
Dimple Malhan Pets Cats and Dogs


Story of Dimple Malhan YouTube Channel and Rise To Fame!!

YouTube Channel

Dimple Malhan is well-known for her YouTube channel with more than one million subscribers and more than billions of views. Let us explore her journey to reach this prominence. Dimple started her YouTube journey in April 2019 by launching a YouTube channel named ‘Dimple Kitchen’. In the beginning, she started posting cooking-based content and videos on her channel which got a very good response from viewers and Dimple earned her initial fame on YouTube. 

With growing popularity, she also started posting family vlogs, roasts, commentaries, reactions, and other content on her channel. She frequently features her children and husband in her videos which became the best parts of her channel. Not only this she also featured famous YouTubers Sourav Joshi and Piyush Joshi in one of her videos titled ‘’Pizza party with @souravjoshivlogs7028’’. When she started getting famous on her vlogs she changed the name of her YouTube channel Dimple’s Kitchen to Dimple Malhan Vlogs.

The top most watched video on her channel is: 

‘’MY FAMILY COOKS FOR ME !! FT.FAMILY !!’’. It was published on 8th December 2019 and has crossed 8 million views till now. Some other viral videos on Dimple’s YouTube channel are:

  •  ‘’2 Minute Maggi Challenge @WanderersHub !!’’
  • ‘’Wedding Pics of Prerna and Harsh@WanderersHub’’
  • ‘’Who knows me BETTER? TRIGGERED INSAAN vs FUKRA INSAAN’’, etc. 

Apart from Dimple Malhan age she never stops and uploads one video every alternative day on her channel. Some of the very recently posted videos are:

  • ‘’How We Celebrated New Year’’, 
  • ‘’@adarshuc ne sikhai Abhishek ko Flirting skills’’
  • ‘’Prerna’s reaction to our new house’’
  • ‘’Abhishek ko Chole Bhature khila ke iski diet kharab kar di’’
  • “Nishchay Malhan apne hi ghar ki lift me fas gya”
  • Nishchay ne ki midnight ghar ke liye shopping”
  • ‘’New PC banwa liya’’, etc.

Dimple Malhan Net Worth!!

Dimple Malhan Net Worth!
Dimple Malhan Net Worth!

This is the hot search question on the web “ How rich is the Indian Youtuber, vlogger, and social media personality Dimple Malhan? The answer to this much-asked question is Dimple Malhan’s net worth as of 2024 is calculated to be more than 2.4 Crore Rupees. Her YouTube channel, commercials, brand promotions, affiliate marketing, business ventures, etc are her sources of income. As she is active on her channel and other ventures, the vast increase in her earnings is predictable. 

Final words of Dimple Malhan Net Worth, Age, Height and Family!!

To conclude, Dimple Malhan is a famous YouTuber and vlogger. She attracts millions of people with her content writing ability and humorous talent for making videos. For all of her hard work and dedication, Dimple Malhan Net Worth is around 2.5 crore rupees. However she is 57 years old still besides Dimple Mahhan age she is still working with enthusiasm and earning a lot. Plus, she is in hot search name on the web because of her channel and hilarious YouTube videos. I hope the information about Dimple Malhan is covered in this post. I always try to post real and updated facts about celebrities and popular stars. Dimple is the head of the YouTubers family including Triggered Insaan, Fukra Insaan, Prerna Malhan and Harsh Gupta. We have covered their bio as well. In case of any questions your comments are always welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions!!

  • Who is Dimple Malhan?

She is a famous Indian YouTuber and gained popularity through her YouTube channel Dimple’s Kitchen. Now she is posting her engaging vlogs on her channel. People are liking her content very much. 

  • What is Dimple Malhan age?

Born on 14th November 1967 Dimple is now 57 years old. Despite of her age she is pretty active and updated on her channel. 

  • How much is Dimple Malhan net worth?

Dimple Malhan is earning a lot and has a net worth of approx 2.5 crore rupees. 

  • What is the relationship between Dimple Malhan and Abhishek Malhan (1st Runner up in Big Boss OTT season 2)?

Dimple Malhan is Abhishek Malhan’s mother and she was also invited as a guest in the Big Boss house and she spent one day there with the contestants.

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