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Maci Bookout Breaks Down In Tears Discussing Son & Husband: I’m Jealous of Their Relationship!


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Part two of the Teen Mom OG Season 9 reunion show aired on MTV Tuesday night, and while the once-popular series might not be as dramatic as it used to be, the episode still packed an emotional punch.

That was largely due to the unexpected outpouring from Maci Bookout, who has been through quite a bit in the past year.

In the past, Maci’s drama has mostly centered around her tense relationship with Ryan Edwards, who is father to her eldest child, Bentley.

Now that Ryan has been fired from the show, however, Maci’s storyline has focused more on her home life.

And while in the past, Bookout has taken great pains to ensure that her family is portrayed as flawlessly happy, it seems that she finally realized a reality show can’t function with out a little bit of conflict. 

So Maci offered fans a more nuanced look at the Bookout-McKinney household this season.

And the drama — while generally pretty mild — was enough to bring Maci to tears during last night’s reunion installment.

The waterworks began when Maci was asked about her relationship with 13-year-old Bentley, which has apparently become strained over the course of the past year.

Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Bookout if the situation had gotten any better.

She revealed that it had not, but to her credit, she also admitted that things were not as she initially made them seem.

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“If I’m being honest it hasn’t really improved,” Maci said.

Sounds like a sad confession, but Maci then admitted that the problem had less to do with her relationship with her son and more to do with her attitude toward the relationship.

She admitted that she had been “selfish” and “mama bearish” in her interactions with Bentley, which probably means she realized the kid is a teenager and she probably give him some space.

From there, Maci got teary-eyed as she confessed that she has an “unhealthy relationship with emotion.”

And yeah, that sounds like the kind of therapy-speak that doesn’t actually mean anything.

But hold on to your hats, because it’s about to get even more nonsensical:

Maci revealed that she experiences intense feelings of “homesickness” while she’s at home … and well, we’ll let her have a go at explaining that one:

“I wasn’t home by myself so when I was alone, I wasn’t comfortable, and I needed that to change,” Bookout told Pinksy.

“But because I disconnected all emotions, I didn’t know who I was. So it was scary, so I didn’t feel safe alone.”

Yeah, she might not have done the greatest job of explaining the situation, but the important thing is, Maci’s life is on the upswing!

“I just love the human I am now. I’m not a robot,” she told Drew.

At that point, Maci was joined on stage by husband Taylor McKinney, and while there were some efforts on Drew’s part to steer the conversation into more dramatic terriory, the couple mostly just gushed over each other. Which is nice!

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“We lived a good life, I’m just glad I got him. He’s wonderful,” Maci said before turning towards her husband adding, “You’re wonderful.”

“Sometimes we fight over the most ridiculous stuff,” Taylor joked.

Maci then confessed that she sometimes feels jealous of the close relationship between Taylor and Bentley, but it seems she’s working on purging that negativity.

“It was kind of weird because I’m like, I don’t know if this is natural way of feeling and I just kind of always to myself would just be like ‘just be thankful that they have a relationship,'” she said.

“Sometimes it’s like ‘just stop and be thankful,’ but then at the same time Bentley is just getting older and it’s one of those ya know there’s certain things he doesn’t want to talk to me about,” Maci continued.

“I think I like overthought it.”

Yeah, it sounds like Maci might be creating drama where there isn’t any these days.

Fortunately, she’s aware of that tendency, and it seems that she’s working hard on herself.

And on the bright side, TMOG could certainly us a bit more drama these days, so at least she’s making her bosses happy!


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