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Mahogany Roca Ditches Ben Rathbun: You’re Not Who I Thought You Were!


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On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Ben skipped out on lunch with Mahogany.

Why? Because she hadn’t responded to his barrage of over-the-top texts, and because she had questioned his past.

In this sneak peek of Sunday’s episode, Mahogany is able to confront Ben face-to-face about all of the things that he didn’t tell her.

Turning viewers’ early-season assumptions on their heads, she tells him that he’s not the man he was when they were chatting … and walks away.

Mahogany Roca gets blunt (s05e14 preview)

“I just want to know if we have a chance here,” Ben expresses to Mahogany as this sneak peek for Season 5, Episode 14 begins.

He then cites “the love that we had on chat.”

What, he wonders, happened to that spark that they seemed to share?

Ben Rathbun didn't get a text back, is skipping brunch

“I don’t know,” Mahogany admits. “I’m really confused, you know?”

Shaking her head, she tells him: “I think you are not the Benjamin in the chat.”

Mahogany adds: “You are different.”

Mahogany Roca in a tense conversation

She even gets specific about things that he did not share with her that, really, he should have if he wanted to get this serious, this quickly.

“You didn’t tell me that you don’t get along with your ex-wife,” Mahogany notes.

“You didn’t tell me many things,” she adds.

Ben Rathbun finds out that he's just a friend

“And now I know them” Mahogany explains, “so I think that’s different.”

At that point, Ben just replies with “okay.”

Mahogany then explains to him what drove her to meet with him — because this is not a date.

Mahogany Roca face after Ben asks to meet her parents tonight

“Look,” she says, “I just came to leave you my father’s letter.”

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Mahogany is delivering it “because he couldn’t make it today.”

Getting blunt, she tells him: “I really didn’t want to come.”

Ben Rathbun learns that Mahogany's parents do not live there

Ben takes a moment to process that.

“I don’t want to stay here,” Mahogany emphasizes as gently as someone possibly can.

“You want to go?” he asks quietly.

Mahogany Roca walks away from Ben Rathbun (s05e14 preview)

With his blessing, Mahogany stands up and walks away from the table, leaving Ben sitting alone.

That is intense.

But it’s also not the end of their story, now is it?

Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca on Reddit (February 2022)

Last month, Ben and Mahogany were spotted together at a mall in Lima, Peru.

We know that 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days recorded most of Season 5 during 2021, and often airs about 8 months (on average) after filming.

It’s unclear if Ben and Mahogany were filming again for another season, or if this was a strictly personal trip.

Ben Rathbun awkwardly hugs Mahogany Roca goodnight

It’s hard to say what to think about this preview, especially without seeing how the season — or even the episode — ends.

Obviously, it’s totally reasonable for a 22-year-old to ditch the more-than-twice-her-age man she met online three months ago.

She doesn’t need an excuse or an explanation, but the barrage of texts that he sent her the night before make a split more than understandable.

Ben Rathbun texts to Mahogany Roca - god has hardened your heart

At the same time, some wonder if Mahogany was deliberately flirting or even softly catfishing online.

She might have never expected that any man she spoke to would be foolish enough to fly out to meet her like this.

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Of course, she would have had to sign on to appear on camera herself, so … not all of this is a big surprise.

Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca visit sand dunes

Ben and Mahogany could both be scammers trying to use each other for their careers — Ben’s DILF modeling and Mahogany’s acting aspirations.

Additionally, recent revelations about Ben’s debts could indicate that he desperately needed the cash that fame could bring.

(90 Day Fiance paychecks are infamously small, but the cast can make decent money on Cameo and similar sites by getting fans to pay them directly)

Ben Rathbun doesn't feel like he has to answer for the past

Ben has tried more than once to imply that his story is inauthentic, but … since he so often looks like a fool and a creep on the show, it’s hard to take him at his word.

“I got a bad edit” is an infamous defense for people who are disliked by viewers, even though it is sometimes the honest truth.

As for Ben and Mahogany … it looks like Mahogany’s decision to walk away was not a permanent one. What makes her give him another chance?


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