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Scott Disick to Kim Kardashian: Enjoy Pete Davidson’s Monster Dong!


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The unexpected and chill relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson is getting more serious.

Early this week, Kim and Pete jetted off to the Bahamas for a steamy vacation.

As Kim shares photos of her time in the sun, honorary brother-in-law Scott Disick couldn’t help but stir the pot.

Using what appears to be an anatomically flattering nickname for Pete, he recalls the rumors about Pete’s dong.

If seeing Pete Davidson’s name in headlines makes you think of the rumors about his Meat Davidson, you’re not alone.

He and Kim boarded a private jet on Monday for a gorgeous vacation in the Bahamas.

While the two continue to play moderately coy about how things are going, Kim did share a thirst trap of herself in a bikini.

Kim Kardashian IG sweet sweet fantasy baby

Most of the comments from friends and family were, you know, normal ones.

People used words, emojis, or both to praise Kim’s incredible MILF body as she deserves.

Scott Disick, however, was in a different mood.

Scott Disick IG calls Pete Davidson

“Damn! Where’s the tripod!” Scott commented.

A few people assumed that perhaps he was asking about her camera setup for the photo.

However, most people immediately realized that he was talking about a person, not a piece of photography equipment.

A tripod has three legs — it’s right there in the name.

“Tripod” is sometimes a nickname for someone who has a particularly large (especially, particularly long) penis.

In other words, the dong is lengthy enough to be referred to, as an exaggeration, as a “third leg.”

In 2018, Pete was in a whirlwind romance (turned engagement) with Ariana Grande.

On Twitter, Ariana replied to a tweet from a fan with a joke (presumably, a joke) telling them that Pete’s penis was about “ten inches.”

Pete has since denied this, telling people that Ariana’s slight stature makes everything appear larger by comparison.

However, the rumors of his penis stuck with him.

In fact, the discussion of BDE — Big Dick Energy, or the sort of casual confidence and inexplicable appeal that people associate with a surprisingly large penis — arose from talks about Pete.

Clearly, Scott has not forgotten this, and is referring to this three-and-a-half year old rumor in a public comment just to tease Kim.

10 Inches

(Apologies for the light mode screenshot — 2018 was a different, in many ways worse, era)

Kim and Pete have not actually announced that they are dating despite, you know, all of the obvious stuff like going everywhere together.

Pete has danced around the topic during interviews, while even Kim’s momager Kris has actively and boldly changed the subject.

We don’t know if Pete really has a megadong and is being humble about it.

Honestly, if someone with a large-yet-not-ten-inch penis were to be described as having 10 inches below the belt, it would be prudent for them to lower people’s expectations.

But contrary to what people confused by Pete’s track record of dating the most gorgeous women alive may think, he doesn’t need a colossal dick to woo famous women.

Pete is funny, successful, and by all appearances a good person.

He is wildly unlike many of Kim’s exes, but that is not necessarily a bad thing — not considering how her marriage worked out.

We don’t doubt that he and Kim are having a lot of fun together while it lasts.

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