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The Best Working Movies of 2022


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Fans of Anime know KissAnime well. It’s a platform which provides the top animes to stream. The thing that makes it even more appealing is the fact the fact that Kissanime is free. There aren’t many platforms on the internet can ensure that the content is of high quality, while being completely free. Kissanime checked all the boxes.

Much to the dismay and dismay of people who love the show, Kissanime has been shut down in August, 2020. This news is a blow to fans of anime who depended on Kissanime to provide the best anime streaming experience. Naturally, the most effective Kissanime alternatives were the necessity of the moment and that’s the reason this blog is about. We’ve compiled the site like Kissanime which will keep you interested.

Features of the Kissanime website

  • It is the top English Dubbed and Subbed anime available in HD and.
  • It’s absolutely free! It is a website that anime fans are spending the majority of their time! It is the most popular of anime websites, where millions of users can enjoy free streaming. When compared to other websites for anime, KissAnime has the largest collection that is uploaded consistently across all video resolutions ranging from between 240p and 1080p.
  • It’s a straightforward interface and a wide range of genres to pick from, such as Horror, Comedy, Romance, Fighting, Adventure, and much more.
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Is Kissanime Still Online?

Kissanime had no problem with closures because of complaints over copyright, but it never stopped operating. However, on July 14, 2020 Kissanime was closed permanently. The .com version, as and its .ru mirror are not available anymore. This is why we’ve identified the best alternatives to Kissanime for you to utilize.


Our next recommendation next on our list is Chia Anime. Chia Anime is another excellent site to download manga as well as anime. The homepage lists all the newest anime episodes available for you to look through. There’s no need the worry of subtitles because episodes are subbed. Additionally, there are dubbed versions of the content as well. This is a benefit since the majority of viewers do not understand Japanese. Take the Kiss Anime alternative as your next stop to get all things anime.


On Anime-Planet , you can discover all the latest and old anime available in HD. On the homepage of the site there are anime organized and categorize into sections that are based on ‘popular series this week ‘the latest recommendations’, and so on. It will instantly update you with the latest releases that are popular. The only downside to this site, as with all other sites that offer free videos however, is that it displays advertisements and pop-ups. It’s not a major issue, however it’s still a good site for those who love anime.


In the process of putting together a list of the top KissAnime alternative, GoGoAnime is one that must not be missed. It offers a variety of anime, from the most old and most sought-after to the newest and most up-to-date. In addition to the standard web-based offerings, there’s the latest season tab which showcases new anime to ensure you do not miss out on. If you’re a fan of anime go to this website. Even there’s nothing specific in mind to watch most likely, you’ll discover something interesting on GoGoAnime.

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The best KissAnime alternative that is as reliable and trustworthy It is 9Anime. It is home to more than 26000 anime and films which are being added to continuously. You can also ask to add anime that you enjoy but that aren’t accessible on the website, similar to as KissAnime. Another great characteristic is it allows you to play in HD and also gives you the option of watching English subtitled. This is the best option for anime lovers who are looking to watch their favorite anime in English.


Even though Kissanime is no longer operating, and the Kissanime website has been shut down and does not plan to reopen, the only alternative is to use Kissanime alternatives as well as Kissanime proxy and mirror sites. They might not offer the same amount of content, however people who have gotten used to rely on the name can find an element of entertainment through these alternative websites.

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