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Top Facts Parents Should Know About Mental Illness in Teens


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Simply put, it is normal for teenagers to be moody at times for various reasons. However, this condition persists for a long time, so parents have to be mindful of it. Like, it could be a sign of a serious mental illness too. For your information, mental illness is more popular than ever today. Out of the 1 billion people globally that suffer from mental health issues, teens have a decent proportion too. Here, we will shed light on the facts relevant to mental illnesses in teens, which parents should know of:

  • Physicians Have a Different Take on ‘Mental Illness”

Physicians always go through defined criteria to diagnose a mental health issue. Therefore, for a person stuck with a mental health issue, physicians will try to look for a sign that shows a negative pattern in behavior. It could be sudden changes in mood swings or even a lack of interest in recreational activities. However, teens will show them as acquiring poor grades in school and isolating themselves from the rest. Additionally, here are a few symptoms that are required:

  • Changes in concentration
  • Changes in sleeping pattern
  • Changes in motivation 
  • Thinking of suicide

Only if a teen has frequently been going through the above will be diagnosed with a  mental health issue. 

  • Warning Signs of Mental Disease Vary According to Condition

As explained earlier, the telltale sign will be losing grades in class for teens. But, this is not a full stop to the warning signs. Changes in social habits such as staying away from activities, avoiding school, and talking less are negative traits. 

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Simply put, social phobias, generalized anxiety, and depression each have their unique symptoms. And this is followed by feeling muscle tension, experiencing irritability, becoming fatigued easily, and feeling restless. 

  • There are Few Common Types of Mental Illnesses in Teens

The most common forms of mental illnesses amongst teens are depression, social phobias, generalized anxiety, and anxiety disorder. Around 1 out of every 10 children aged between 12 to 17 years have gone through depression at some point in their lives. 

Sometimes, they start looking for happiness by taking an interest in out-of-the-box activities. For example, if a child develops OCD and parents start screaming, it will be no good. Instead, teens with ocd should be talked to and understood before being judged. 

  • Teen’s Mental Health Illnesses Are Manageable

Contrary to popular belief, teens can seek help too. And, if the situation has only gotten worse with time, a professional therapist can be consulted. Once the symptoms are identified and the issue diagnosed, the mental health expert will start deconstructing the thought process for the younger kids. 

And counseling is a major step since children have to be taken back in time, so they can explain the things that bother them. 

  • Mental Illness is More Common in Teens Than Other Age Groups

Mental health issues are treatable and can easily be eradicated from one’s life. Parents despise bringing their children into consideration since they are in denial. So if you’re reading as a parent, we recommend talking to your teen, as they might be willing to raise an important issue in their life. 

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Or, if your teen has been stressed out for quite some time, you need to listen to them, instead of getting into a tone and imposing your thought process on them.

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