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Tristan Thompson Spotted Hooking Up With Mystery Woman: Has He Moved on From Khloe ALREADY?!


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It’s been almosst two months since Maralee Nichols filed a paternity suit against Tristan Thompson.

The Sacramento Kings forward fought Nichols in court, but in the end, she was able to prove that he Thompson fathered her child, who was born in December of last year.

At the time of Thompson and Nichols’ affair — he says they only slept together once; she claims they carried on a full-blown relationship — he was still romantically involved with Khloe Kardashian.

Needless to say, that relationship is long over with.

Khloe and Tristan had already broken up by the time the Nichols’ case went to court and became public knowledge.

But insiders say the protracted legal battle was humiliating to Khloe nonetheless.

After all, she was still dating Tristan when he impregnated Nichols in June of last year.

Tristan has been caught cheating on Khloe many times before, of course.

But sources close to the Kardashian family say this time was the last straw:

The bad news is that despite the many times he’s publicly humiliated her, Khloe has never felt more betrayed than she does right now.

The good news is that the anger she’s feeling now might be enough to prevent her from inviting Tristan back into her life yet again.

And if she ever forgets how pissed off she’s feeling at the moment, she can just check out the video of Thompson enjoying the company of a random female that was taken in a Milwaukee nightclub this week.

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TikTok user Tricia Carcoza posted a clip that shows Thompson sitting down in the club with an unidentified woman in his lap following the Kings’ game against the Bucks on Saturday night.

After calling Thompson a “b-tch” for so brazenly adding to Khloe’s humiliation, Carcoza added that she “saw it with [her] own two eyes.”

Obviously, this sort of behavior is not exactly surprising.

After all, Tristan acted like this while he and Khloe were still together — so why would he change his ways now that they’ve broken up?

And in a weird way, this video might actually be a good thing.

Khloe has demonstrated time and again that she has a weakness for Tristan, and clearly, it’s very easy for him to convince her that he’s changed his ways.

Fans have been concerned about the possibility of another reconciliation, as Thompson has been posting about self-improvement lately, which is usually a precursor to Khloe taking him back.

“Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you face your greatest weakness,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories this week, according to In Touch.

“Hide from your demons and they’ll slowly destroy your potential. Face them and they can potentially become your greatest asset.”

Yeah, that sort of talk is music to Khloe’s ears.

So this clip of Tristan hooking up with some rando on the road might be a necessary reminder to Khloe that the dude is never gonna change his ways.

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And if she takes him back and gets cheated on yet again, it’s gonna be tough to feel any sympathy for her.

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