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What Materials Should You Choose for Your Garden Furniture?


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Garden furniture, also known as patio furniture or garden furniture, is an outdoor type of furniture specially designed for outdoor usage. It is usually made of weather-resistant outdoor materials like aluminium, which is also rust-proof. It can be used outdoors on the patio or deck. If you want to buy one for your own garden, there are many types that you can choose from. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using them outdoors.

Plastic garden furniture

The plastic garden furniture is a great choice for the people who want durable material for their outdoor seating. These are usually made from polyethylene, vinyl, plastic or pressure treated wood. They are durable because they have protective covering over them. Some of these materials are weather resistant up to a certain level, but it is still advisable to remove them if you are going to use it in an open area like the terrace or the deck. There are also those that can be left outside year-round as long as there is no extreme weather condition.

cast aluminium

The next popular outdoor furniture in Dubai is the cast aluminium. They are usually made from galvanized steel, although other materials are also used like plastic and polycarbonate. A good thing about the cast aluminium garden furniture is that they are quite durable and easy to maintain. Some of the types of cast aluminium are those which have PVC pipes incorporated in their design.

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rattan furniture

Another type of garden furniture is the rattan furniture. Garden rugs made from rattan are definitely a great choice. They are made from a thick hardwood with a fine weaving texture. Rattan is actually a plant which grows in tropical areas of Australia. It can withstand extremely low temperatures and can resist decay and are considered a fire hazard.

Another very popular choice of outdoor space furnishings are those made from plastic. They are lightweight, easy to maintain and extremely durable. There is not much difference between the plastic furniture and the metal, rattan and plastic pieces. However, they do differ when it comes to strength and durability as well as low maintenance.

rustic furniture

Last but not least, we have the rustic furniture which are made from materials like cedar, redwood and hemlock. These materials are extremely durable and are considered very resilient. These outdoor materials also resist stains and water. However, they cannot withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, hurricanes and strong sunlight. So it is advisable to choose this material if you are planning to place a bench or dining table outdoors.

Cedar outdoor furniture

Cedar outdoor furniture is considered one of the most resilient materials for any outdoor furnishing need. It is weather resistant and will withstand humidity and harsh weather conditions. It has a light color and can blend perfectly with almost any home theme. Cedar furniture is very elegant yet light in weight. Due to its beauty, it can withstand almost all weather and is one of the best choices for patio set.

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Teak light weight furniture

On the other hand, if you want something that is lightweight, then teak would be the ideal choice. It has the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, moisture and sun rays. If you are looking for a material that is extremely durable and light in weight, teak is the perfect choice. As you can see, there are a lot of different materials that you can choose from if you are looking for some exciting and eco-friendly outdoor furnishings. All you have to do is find what is right for your backyard and patio.

Now, the best way to find the right outdoor furniture is to consult an expert. There are several furniture experts that can help you determine which materials are best for your garden or patio. They can tell you what is the best material for durability, weather resistance, and light weight. They can also give you tips on where to purchase the best materials for your specific needs.


Aside from the common materials mentioned above, there are other types of materials that you may want to consider for your garden or patio set. You may opt for rattan, wicker, aluminum, wrought iron, plastic, and many more. Each one has its own unique features but it all boils down to comfort, cost, durability, and appearance. Of course, these are just a few of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the right type of outdoor furniture. For instance, the rattan and wicker furniture will be great if you want to add an oriental touch to your garden, while aluminum and plastic furniture will be great if you want to create a contemporary theme.

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The best way to protect your garden furniture and other outdoor upholstery fabrics from any damage is to choose them carefully. It is important that the materials you are choosing can resist any type of weather. This includes sunlight, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and extreme heat. For example, if you are choosing furniture that is made of wrought iron and plastic, it is important that they are able to resist corrosion. However, if you are looking for materials that can last for years without needing much maintenance at all, you will need to consider those that are durable, resistant, and long-lasting.

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