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Aaron Carter Breaks Up With Melanie Martin: She’s Moving to Vegas With a 90 Day Fiance Star!


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We don’t often say this about celebrities, but … Aaron Carter has had a pitiable life in many ways.

Child stars often have a hard time, both when it comes to coping with adulthood and dealing with their families.

Aaron isn’t just no exception — he is a grim example of both of those struggles.

This time, he isn’t making headlines directly over his paranoia or mental health struggles.

Last week, Aaron and his fiancee Melanie Martin welcomed their child, Prince, via emergency C-section.

This week, in a lengthy Twitter threat, Aaron is declaring that things are over between him and Melanie.

His hurt feeliings are very real.

Describing why he feels betrayed by Melanie, Aaron had something else to add.

According to him, she’s leaving him and taking their son to Las Vegas, where she plans to move in with Larissa Lima’s ex-friend Carmen Nys.

This is not the 90 Day Fiance crossover that anyone asked for, but apparently, it’s what we’re getting.

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Take a look at Aaron’s many heartbroken tweets … and check out Carmen’s response at the end. Oof.

Aaron Carter has some rough news

Aaron Carter has some rough news

The week after Thanksgiving is an especially rough time to go through a breakup, especially in a relationship as serious as an engagement. But Aaron and Melanie weren’t just engaged — they’re both parents of a newborn baby, Prince. Just days after the emergency C-section, things have taken a bitter turn.

At the center of it all is family drama

At the center of it all is family drama

It is no secret that Aaron is fiercely estranged from many of his relatives, including his famous brother, Nick Carter. Aaron used his platform to boost Nick’s accusers who courageously came forward to share their #MeToo stories about Nick. There are also restraining orders out against Aaron from multiple members of his family, including his sister, Angel.

So what happened?

So what happened?

Aaron doesn’t speak to Angel (among others), but his fiancee Melanie had maintained (allegedly) a secret correspondence with Angel for two years. Apparently, this week, she came clean.

Is this part of a pattern?

Is this part of a pattern?

According to Aaron, this is not the first time that she has either tried to sabotage his current relationship or bond with his exes. That sounds like odd behavior if it’s true, though we don’t know Angel’s version of events or explanation.

It’s over

It's over

In one of only two “normal” tweets in a lengthy series of posts that he made across two days, Aaron posted that he and his fiancee Melanie have broken up despite the recent birth of their son.

Aaron primarily blames his family

Aaron primarily blames his family

It’s certainly true that he has seen the inside of a courtroom more than once in legal struggles with relatives. Restraining orders aren’t just a personal choices — even when they’re the right call, they can change what jobs someone gets or where they can live because it becomes part of their record.

This went on for so long

This went on for so long

Many people are in no-contact situations with one or more family members, and among their greatest fears are that someone they love and trust might contact that person.

Aaron is sleeping in his car?

Aaron is sleeping in his car?

We want to ask if his house doesn’t have another room or at least a couch, but … we don’t know their whole situation and maybe this is the right call. It’s hard to believe that it is, but it’s possible.

Aaron’s old family destroyed his new one

Aaron's old family destroyed his new one

He points out how he has felt hounded for years by his birth family, sabotaged in multiple ways by them.

Now he feels like he has no one

Now he feels like he has no one

If you can’t trust your fiancee who is now the mother of your child, and you trust your blood relatives even less … that can be very isolating.

Is he sure?

Is he sure?

Not only did Melanie apparently confess to him, but Aaron said that he also received a message from Angel.

This isn’t new, and it’s not clear why he shared it

This isn't new, and it's not clear why he shared it

Aaron shared what appears to be a direct and firm yet compassionate letter from Angel, acknowledging how miserable their early lives were but highlighting Aaron’s well-documented alarming pattern of behavior and the understandable concerns caused by it. Again, it’s not clear why Aaron posted it.

Melanie is leaving for Vegas?

Melanie is leaving for Vegas?

According to Aaron, Melanie told him that she was going to leave and take their son to Vegas and live with Carmen from 90 Day Fiance.

Who is Carmen?

Who is Carmen?

Remember Larissa Lima, the extremely polarizing 90 Day Fiance star? Her friend Carmen Nys lives in Vegas. Larissa even lived with her for a while after her ugly breakup with Colt Johnson.

Aaron is fuming

Aaron is fuming

As far as he is concerned, Angel has ruined his life by maintaining this relationship with Melanie.

Can’t he just move past this?

Can't he just move past this?

Aaron says that this is unforgivable on Melanie’s part. As concerned as so many of us are about Aaron’s stability and mental health … he’s not wrong. A secret correspondence behind your partner’s back is no way to be a partner.

It’s all so devastating

It's all so devastating

Aaron appears to be spiraling as he writes out these tweets, most of which are frankly ill-advised.

What’s this, now?

What's this, now?

At first, it sounds like he’s accusing Melanie of being some sort of “snitch” for his family, but that’s just because he’s not speaking clearly — in context, it sounds like he’s expressing his anger towards Angel.

Back to Melanie …

Back to Melanie ...

Aaron vows to go to court to make sure that there is a fair division of custody. This might backfire on him, especially if any of his ex-family speak to the court. Honestly, even these tweets might not be helpful, either.

Again, unforgivable

Again, unforgivable

There is an aspect of our culture that, for multiple reasons and motives, encourages forgiveness — almost fetishizes it, really — no matter what, especially when family is involved. Many feel that this is not always healthy, and can even be downright immoral. We’re not saying that it’s necessarily wrong in this place, because we don’t know the whole story, but Aaron may be right about this being unforgivable.

His priority right now is his son

His priority right now is his son

Prince, he writes, is all that he has in the world.

Aaron also has fans

Aaron also has fans

They made sure to flood his replies with affirmations, sympathy, and emotional support, alongside some unseen but presumably positive DMs.

Aaron says that he’s a single father

Aaron says that he's a single father

That would be a daunting realization after months of excitement at welcoming a child together.

This sounds painful

This sounds painful

We have to emphasize that we do not know what Melanie said, and have only Aaron’s tweets … well, Aaron’s tweets and one other thing, that we’ll get to momentarily.

Someone had to ask

Someone had to ask

Aaron says that he is not suffering from any addiction issues at the moment, contrary to Angel’s previous accusations (she is … not the only one to have said something along these lines).

Another more coherent tweet, finally

Another more coherent tweet, finally

Aaron declared that he and Melanie will make their son their first priority. We hope that this is true, no matter how things shape up.

In an Instagram video (captured by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates), Carmen Nys spoke out about being publicly named by Aaron during this mess, explaining that she is friends with Melanie and had spoken to her the day before … but not about her moving in. They spoke about Melanie’s recovery from her C-section. What a mess, right?


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