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Things to Keep in Mind When Monitoring Your Blood Pressure at Home


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Having a close check at your blood pressure is the first step to manage high blood pressure or low blood pressure. So, we recommend anyone dealing with hypertension own a portable blood pressure monitor that helps you stay alert with your bp readings. This device can save you from potential health complications. We are here to help you decide how to use a portable blood pressure monitor at home. 

Benefits of monitoring blood pressure at home

The question is, why should you even monitor blood pressure at home? If you are someone who has constantly fluctuating blood pressure, a blood pressure monitor is very important for you because you need to keep a trach of your bp all the time. There are several benefits of having access to a blood pressure monitor at home. 

1.Early diagnosis

Self-bp monitoring can help in the early diagnosis of a problem. If you feel that your blood pressure is dropping or rising, you will have to visit a medical center. The doctor will diagnose you with the small number of readings present. But if you have a reading from self-monitoring, this will help your doctor to diagnose the problem earlier. 

2. Cut health care cost

As we said that whenever you feel low, you will have to rush to a medical centre. Now, this will obviously take a lot of your time, and you will have to pay the cost with every visit. But, if you invest in a good portable blood pressure monitor, you can cut the health care cost. 

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3. Track treatment

Monitoring your bp at home helps you track the results of your treatment. This way, you can track if the lifestyle changes or the medications prescribed to you are working in your favor or not. 

Now, pay attention to what you need to keep in mind while using an electronic blood pressure monitor at home.

Don’t wake up and monitor: don’t monitor right after you wake up or have breakfast. This can affect the reading. 

Sit quietly while using it: when the blood pressure monitor is working, sit quietly. In fact, sit quietly for 5 mins before starting. 

Cuff the bare skin: when you are cuffing your arm with the cuff of the machine, make sure it’s on the bare skin, and your clothes aren’t stuck underneath. 

Position your arm correctly; it should be raised to the level of your heart.

Take care of these things when using a blood pressure monitor at home. 

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