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Thomas Markle: I Will Continue Blackmailing Meghan Until I Get to Meet My Grandkids!


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When Meghan Markle first started dating Prince Harry, very little was known about her family.

And oh, how we wish we could return to those more innocent times.

The more we learned about the Markles — particularly Meghan’s father, Thomas, and her wicked half-sister, Samantha — the more we realized what bitter, crass, hateful opportunists they are.

After Thomas faked a heart attack to get out of attending the royal wedding, we assumed he would fade back into obscurity and we would eventually be allowed to forget that he exists.

Meg, Tom

Unfortunately, the British media had other plans.

Because denigrating Meghan is still good for business in London, tabloids and trashy morning shows have continued to give Thomas a platform.

And because he’s desperate for cash and attention, he continues to accept every invitation to trash his daughter on television.

Of course, Thomas doesn’t admit that he’s giving all these interviews because the checks clear.

No, he pretends that he’s motivated by nothing more than a desire to bring his family closer together.

And what better way to accomplish that than launching a public campaign to destroy your daughter’s reputation?

As we reported earlier this week, Thomas appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this week to claim that Harry and Meghan ghosted both of their families.

He gave the indication that he would be okay with this, were it not for the fact that he has two grandchildren whom he never sees.

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It was then that he made one of the most ridiculous claims of his ridiculous life:

Thomas told the bloke conducting the interview that he’ll stop talking to the press as soon as Meghan allows him to meet her son and daughter.

“I will do a show at least a month, if I can get it through, and eventually sooner or later she’ll start talking to me. This is way too childish, this is kind of silly, it’s time to talk with each other, we’re family,” Thomas said on the air.

“The kids are going to grow up without knowing that they have two families. This is more than just me and my daughter now, this is me and my daughter, her husband and two babies involved now, so it’s time to do something. It’s time to talk,” he continued.

It’s important to note that Queen Elizabeth hasn’t even met Lilibet, but apparently Thomas thinks he should take precedence over the freakin’ Queen of England.

Thankfully, just about everyone who watched the interview saw through this utter BS, and many took to social media to call Thomas out for his compulsive need to spew nonsense in exchange for money.

“I don’t understand Thomas Markle’s motivation?” tweeted British TV host and ITV employee (!!!) Alex Beresford.

“He says he wants to make up with his daughter, which I’m sure he does, but each time he does an interview he slates her and ‘reveals’ something new, then expects Meghan to let him back in. It hasn’t worked thus far.”

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“Thomas Markle must be desperately broke…again. What a deadbeat dad attacking his child for profit & notoriety. Shameless,” author and anti-racism acitivist Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, according to Newsweek.

“Take lessons from Doria pls. Meghan Markle is right to cut him off from her kids’ lives.”

“I see #GMB is allowing Thomas Markle to gaslight the hell out of Meghan Markle again,” Northern Irish novelist Claire Allen.

“What TM is doing amounts to coercive control and #GMB are facilitating the ongoing emotional abuse towards Meghan Markle. A loving father does not go on TV to badmouth his child.”

So yeah, at least no one is falling for Thomas’ asinine arguments.

But even so, we imagine it’s mighty painful for Meghan to have to hear about her father trashing her in front of an international audience.


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