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90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg Will NEVER Return to Ethiopia!


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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 10 showed couples in very different places.

Some drew closer together. Some were torn apart. And some were disappointed and grossed out by other people in their lives.

First up, Ariela took Avi for his surgery, which went much better than his father’s behavior back in Ethiopia.

Corey and Evelin are slowly getting to a better place … but can it last?

Ellie and Victor work on his house, but the damage to their relationship can’t be fixed with an overpriced drill.

Jenny has taken ill, and Sumit’s parents are less than understanding … and their proposed cure is worse than the ailment.

Kenneth’s one wish for their wedding is looking less likely when they meet with the wedding planners, while Armando has his own disappointments.

Steven finally proves himself to Alina, but that’s just the first step. He has to win her back … before he proposes.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Still in Princeton, New Jersey, the day of baby Avi’s surgery has finally arrived. Ariela, baby Avi, and Ari’s mom Janice get into the car and head to the hospital for his hernia operation.

Ariela feels okay about this

Ariela feels okay about this

She drops off Avi with the surgeons, who take him to the operating theater while Ariela and Janice wait for him.

Janice is worried that Ariela will have a panic attack

Janice is worried that Ariela will have a panic attack

She talks about Ariela’s reaction while Avi was circumcised and fears that history will repeat itself, but as much as we like Janice, she may be missing the point. Right now, Ariela has brought Avi to receive much-needed surgery for an intestinal hernia. That is very different from irreversible cosmetic mutilation on his genitals that Ariela understood would rob him of his lifelong choice, but only did because of persistent pressure from Biniyam and from some of her own family.

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The surgery went well!

The surgery went well!

The next day, Avi is cuddling on Ariela at home in the living room and it’s very cute.

It’s also a great time to remind Ariela of her priorities

It's also a great time to remind Ariela of her priorities

Kristin is once again the voice of reason as she reminds Ariela that healthcare isn’t an incidental thing — it’s a lifelong need. Ariela is very fortunate in that she has access to first-rate healthcare, and there is a hospital practically down the street from where her parents live. Just like the kind of school and environment in which Avi grows up, his healthcare options are also an important factor in how his life will go. (Kristin is right — even within the same country, people will move to give their kids better education, healthcare, and more)

Of course, there are other issues at play

Of course, there are other issues at play

Janice confides to the camera that she has seen another side of Biniyam now. Constant partying and clubbing and not answering Ariela’s calls are not the impression that she got of him when she met him in Ethiopia, but it now seems clear that he was putting on his best behavior when he met Ariela’s parents.

Ariela does want to move out of Ethiopia, but …

Ariela does want to move out of Ethiopia, but ...

She suggests that she and Biniyam could settle in Kenya. (We should note that we do know that they lived in Kenya for a time; if so, this was back in 2020) While Ariela’s family fear that she’s not putting Avi first, Ariela seems more invested in preserving her relationship with Biniyam — cutting off his toxic influences in Ethiopia while also catering to his comfort by remaining in Africa.

Later, things are much worse

Later, things are much worse

Visibly, some times has passed . . . and things are not going well. Ariela calls Biniyam and confronts him about his behavior, which has included nonstop partying — even turning their home into a party scene with his friends and also total strangers whom she has not met before. He has packed away Avi’s bed, and she’s not sure if it’s just to hide that he’s a father from prospective hookups or if it’s because he’s trying to forget that his family exists. He has also been turning off his phone, despite promising twice before to stop this.

That’s it

That's it

Ariela warns him that she is not returning to Ethiopia.

He should get tested

He should get tested

Ariela suggests that he get tested for STIs to protect himself and his family after allegedly cheating on her.

Biniyam denies it, but …

Biniyam denies it, but ...

Ariela says that it was Wish, Bini’s own sister, who tipped her off that he was partying and hanging out with other women. She’s not the only one, either. She’s seen social media photos of what he’s done to their home.

Who KNOWS what he’s been up to?

Who KNOWS what he's been up to?

Biniyam can’t exactly blame Ariela for suspecting him of cheating since he keeps turning off his phone and refusing to be in contact with the mother of his children on top of all of this behavior. He tries to blame her for it, but it just doesn’t work.

Biniyam tries to insist that she can’t decide this

Biniyam tries to insist that she can't decide this

Meanwhile, Ariela presents him with two options: the first is that they move together to Kenya and try to repair their relationship as a family. The second is that they draw up a legal custody agreement and continue as exes and co-parents. Those are his choices.

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

After their recent string of explosive conflicts, things have mellowed out. Evelin tells him that she wants to trust him again like she did before, but that it won’t happen overnight or by magic.

Corey is ready to prove himself

Corey is ready to prove himself

He vows to be better for her than he ever was, even when he was first winning her love early in their relationship.

Corey is already taking the right steps

Corey is already taking the right steps

To the camera, Evelin explains that it wasn’t just her love for him that made her give him another shot — it was that Corey took responsibility and expressed remorse. Hearing him apologize without making excuses showed her that he understood what he had done wrong.



This relationship is complicated and it’s not always clear that these two wouldn’t be happier if they gave up on it and went their separate ways, but it is sweet when they’re sweet with each other, you know?

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean

After their surprisingly expensive shopping trip for repair tools, they head to Providencia and to Victor’s house. All things considered, he was very lucky — but his house is missing much of the roof and one of the windows. There is a lot to clean, to fix, and to repair.

They’re divided over priorities

They're divided over priorities

Of course, not everyone can do certain things at once, so while it’s good to have a plan for what needs to get done, sometimes the first step is just to clear the area and mop the pools of water out of the house.

Victor seems of two minds

Victor seems of two minds

He says that Ellie is stressing him out and that it would be easier for him if she just sat down and relaxed instead of trying to help. But … it’s very stressful to just watch someone else labor while you don’t, especially when it’s someone you care about. It’s Ellie’s house, too. Also, Victor is telling a very different story later.

They clash

They clash

A simple discussion over whether or not the sink has running water turns into an expletive-laden spat as Ellie calls out Victor for being a jerk and he complains about her. Lovely.

“Seriously, Ellie doesn’t help”

"Seriously, Ellie doesn't help"

The show’s editors had something to say about Victor’s complaints about Ellie.

Ellie does help, actually

Ellie does help, actually

Sometimes the show’s editors exclude footage to mislead viewers, making feuds look worse or making someone look “crazy” when their statements were justified. In this case, though, they made sure to show Ellie cleaning Victor’s dishes — handwashing them in the sink — immediately after Victor complained about her not helping.

Later, cooler heads prevailed

Later, cooler heads prevailed

Victors explains that he is in an “emotional” place after the trauma of the storm and how close he came to death.

Ellie understands

Ellie understands

But she asks him to consider her feelings in this and not lash out at her just because he is stressed.

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten

Sumit greets his parents in the morning after their first night at the home that he shares with Jenny. They both complain about not sleeping well, due to mosquitoes and “the fan.” Sumit informs them that Jenny is sick.

Apparently it’s disrespectful to be sick

Apparently it's disrespectful to be sick

Sahna thinks that Jenny should bend over backwards to please and attend to them since they are guests, even if she is sick.

Apparently it’s “no big deal”

Apparently it's "no big deal"

Sahna begins to boast about how she can have multiple bouts of diarrhea (since Jenny has had this and vomiting during the night) and still get all of her work done. That’s … not really something about which to brag. That means that she puts more priority into appearances and performance and less to making the best choices for her own well being, which we already knew based upon her reaction to Sumit and Jenny’s relationship.

They insist upon waking up Jenny

They insist upon waking up Jenny

Instead of letting her recover (her illness also kept her up until 6 in the morning), they go wake her up … which she enjoys about as much as anyone would.



Sumit also relays to Jenny that his parents claim that she doesn’t “look sick.” That might be the nicest thing that Sahna and Anil have said about Jenny.



Now, Jenny cites this as disrespectful, which Sahna also said of Jenny having the audacity to feel unwell. This is, in part, a cultural difference. American sensibilities about sickness are usually that the person who is sick should be left alone except for any caregivers, usually a partner or relative. Meanwhile, there are countries where calling in sick will see your coworkers show up at your physical house to deliver a care package. That’s … extremely foreign to American thinking, since generally we just want to recuperate, but much more polite than Sahna is being.



Sahna demands that Jenny get up and be active while sick, even though we know that this is sometimes counterproductive for recovery.

Time for mandatory yoga!

Time for mandatory yoga!

Sahna is a former yoga teacher and believes that this will contribute to Jenny’s wellness, while Jenny is more or less grudgingly playing along even as her posture is corrected.

Sahna is again quick to note that Jenny is new at this

Sahna is again quick to note that Jenny is new at this

Having your pose critiqued by a yoga teacher is a normal part of yoga class, but you usually sign up for yoga classes instead of getting ordered out of bed to participate in one while you’re sick.


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